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to thrust ones hips wtih accompanying arm movement (not unlike skiing)
sam dropped his shiny penny, bent over to pick it up and immeadiatley he was on the receiving end of charlies cock, and charlie pelvically trusted into the wee hours of the morn...
by Lord Rumo March 02, 2005
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The way that both sexes can move their hips forward and back rapidly in order to make the other person ejaculate. Can be used during sex in order that the male can get his penis inside a woman further, often so he can hit her g-spot. Males can also start masturbaiting when woman pelvic thrust at them. Also is a dance move in 'The Time Warp'.
"Oh baby, please pelvic thrust and hit my g-spot!"
by i am feeling like a kinky fuck January 09, 2012
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Basically an art and skill of thrusting your pelvis to someone expectingly. Other words are thrusting pelvis. Invented by Umika McIntyre.
by Unlucky Ninja May 02, 2011
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