1. Taking part in an interaction.
2. Present participle of interact.
It gets people talking, and interacting as well.
by Boobs#2 June 15, 2014
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conversing in the company of others
We need to get some interactment with the locals at the coffee shop.
by matt194z October 28, 2011
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A word that can be substituted for any verb with humorous effect. Made popular by the 2004 X-Box game Ninja Gaiden, in which, upon approaching any object, the game prompted you to interact with it.
"Quick, interact with that ladder before that dude fucks you up. You suck at interacting."

"If you dont shut up my cock is going to interact with your mouth."
by PISTOLsINstack July 25, 2004
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An object that you are able to interact with, to manipulate.
Sam found that the object he discovered was not interactable, he really wanted to pick up the object.
by Zero Black January 16, 2013
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1. The act or process of interacting.
2. The state of undergoing interaction.
There's not a single interaction in that house lets hit it up.
by Southwest313 April 3, 2008
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To have sex with any person/object outside of that which one would normally have sex with (aka, your hand).
Dude, i totally got some interactivity last night. Shit was so cash.
by uberbondy May 17, 2011
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The actual worst thing ever!
Iam "Interacting with the world is the worst thing about living. It's not so much the people or having to work. I like the people I choose to associate with. But having an effect on the world around me? Terrible. It's kind of cool seeing it happen. But only sometimes. Other times I'm overwhelmed by this sense of dread. What kind of lasting effect will I have? Ideally, nothing at all. It's unsettling. I'd rather just sleep. Maybe I can sell my self to some sleep-study and get paid to sleep. *Sighs* There has got to be a better way...."
by Hym Iam April 16, 2022
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