When an actress is acting like an actress.
She was actressing with Ice T on the set of law and order.
by Notian June 8, 2014
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a female priest in the Episcopal or Lutheran church; a heretical violation of apostolic order
Bob: Hi, Nancy. How was church today?

Nancy: Oh, Bob, I won't go anymore now that there is a actress at the altar.
by Cadoc January 11, 2011
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A prostitute; in particular one who will vocally and physically simulate orgasmic pleasure for her clients.
Jade, the coutesan, is renowned for being a high class mattress actress for those who can afford her services.
by fiery69 May 10, 2006
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A person able to portray another personality/character traits in such a way that is believeable to a group of people watching, who then believe the person is the personality they are portraying and not themselves/a girl really good at pretending to be something shes not
"I'm so so so so so happy! Oh my gosh, it's like so totally awesome" says the character
"I'm so sick of being perky..and american" says the actress
by Amy/Bumberclot May 2, 2006
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