Of or relating to the upper or middle classes. This term is not generally used by people in the American middle class, and using it may cause the speaker to be identified with the working class. When it's used, it often describes something that is "middle class" or "upper class", with positive connotations.
From Elvis Presley's Hound Dog: "She said she was high class; well, that was just a lie."
by wildgift September 28, 2007
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A girl with high standards and doesn't sleep around, but rocks mad wheels.
Is Alyssa a slut?
Not a chance! That girl is high class!
by Jpottttty January 8, 2011
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Of or relating to the upper-middle or upper classes. This can be in reference to clothing, behavior, tastes, pedigree, and more.
Contrary to what low-income African-Americans think, driving a new, clean, shiny Benz is not high class.
by hater 123 April 12, 2007
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When something is way above BULLSHIT, It's some High Class BS

Girl: We are having a baby!
Guy: This some High Class BS
by SwampyAsser July 22, 2018
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Someone that has lived life so spoiled they dont know normal. Also known as spoiled
She only flys 1st class, she is such a high class bitch.
by Real HCB February 23, 2019
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A good problem to have.
Like Eddie's girlfriend wants to make love two or three times a day. Eddie's complaining that she won't leave him alone. His buddy says man, that's a high class problem.
by dabrew February 5, 2007
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A high class hoe is someone who dresses like a hoe but is respected and also has money. This women are not trash although they may dress like it. They know that sex sells.
Examples of high class hoes are Beyonce and Angelina Jolie. A low class hoe is Miley Cyrus. She tries to sell sex but she is not sexy.
by High class bitches July 22, 2010
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