Joslyn is the most amazing best friend you can ever, ever, ever, have! She is reliable and as beautiful as a goddess. She is a loyal and funny friend to have. She has the most gorgeous brown eyes. Her smile is very attractive. Everyone loves Joslyn to bits. She is extremely intelligent and sexy (lol).
Me: Joslyn is my best friend.

Katie: NO! She is my best friend >:(

Random Guy: Joslyn is mine! Back off!!
by Joslyn'sBestie May 11, 2017
A super sweet and loving girl. She is super crazy around her best friends and is very pretty. She can make you laugh in a second and her smile makes your day a lot better.
Joslyn is super sweet
by _lexie_280 December 1, 2019
Joslyn is a badass bitch, but in the best way! She is funny, real, and she always says stuff that is immediately turned into inside jokes. Joslyn is really confident and used it her advantage. She always wears really punky, edgy clothes. And she doesn't care what anyone thinks! Joslyn makes friends easily because she talks to much, which makes her hard not to love and hate at the same time. Joslyn in the end is just the bumb .com!!!
Joslyn, shut up, your talking to much!
by Cutler1212 December 6, 2016
Joslyn is GORGEOUS. She is very nice and smart, and is kinda stupid. You’ll immediately love her if you meet her. Don’t let her go as a friend, she’ll be there for you through everything
Joslyn, omg your clothes are so cute
by anonyymouss:) <3 April 4, 2020
Joslyn can be the most bestest friend alive but can also be the worst. Some features of Joslyn’s they have beautiful Brown eyes that when she is sad turns green with huge pupils. Joslyn’s usually have a brown lock of hair and love to stay with the trend. And even though she might not think so she is the most beuifulest wonderful girl that you will ever see for the rest of your life. She is fearless, beautiful, sometimes can be a snitch and try to make you jealous. Her style is trendy chic she likes to stay with it. Joslyn’s are amaizing best friends when you don’t break her rules she can help with other friend issues and gets into some mischief too. Any guy would be lucky to have this girl she is an amaizing girlfriend too she loves to talk a lot so be aware of that one. Even though Joslyn’s can be snitches, friend breakers, and heart crushers, in the end she is the one you want on her side no madder what happens. She loves drama and has an amaizing body and everyone loves her to da core. What ever you going through Joslyn will help.<3
Friend : Did you see Joslyn today? I neees help with a friend issue.
Friend2: Ya I did she snitched in me in class.
Boy: She broke my heart when I asked her out!
Boy2: Joslyn!?
Joslyn: I’m sorry everybody I will help in anyway shape or form name it!
Everyone: we are sorry too we didn’t mean to over react
Joslyn: that’s ok I love drama! But I also apologize for being a Female Dog
Everyone: Thanks for being on our side! And helping
Joslyn: NP ily guys so much<3
by Joslynisdabestfrandnutella February 10, 2018
Joslyn is a gorgeous girl who loves to make other people happy. She has a hard life but she has friends to help her, &me her best friend. She is halrious and up beat, she'll never let you down. Loves techno&kandi. Amazing singer and dancer, but very low self esteem.
Man that Joslyn makes me smile all the time!
by Meowmeowmeow2323 July 24, 2011
A beautiful maiden thats what it seriously means people
Guy1: wow who is that girl?!
guy2:thats Joslyn

Guy1:her name is SO fitting
by pinkloveskull01 August 14, 2012