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Truly that kindest person you'll meet. She really does care for people, going out of her way to make people feel better. She's quite the charmer and she's just the right amount of crazy. You'd be extremely lucky to be her friend and you should savour every moment you spend with her because each and every moment with her is better than the last. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind which most of the time makes her very easy to talk to. She also totally loves huskies.
Dude 1: yeet, have you seen nancy today? She's killing it.
Girl 1: I know rigghtt!, wish i could be just like her!
by Cool guyyy ayyyyyyyyyy December 23, 2018
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A girl that is shy but in a way that will make you like her. She usually wears casual clothes like jeans a t-shirt and converse, and when you get to be her best friend you are in a very good position. When you make her mad you even feel bad and are mad at yourself. She is hot and has a great personality, almost everyone wants to be her friend but not everyone is. You will be very lucky to have a Nancy in your life.
"Nancy is the best!"
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NANCY, is a word and name describ ing the word love the word beautiful and exitement. This name also means caring and there for you. The name also means helping to strive to a better future
by Reallife0430 July 17, 2017
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Nancy is smart athletic girl. She’s has an amazing smile!! , she’s caring, she’s funny , she’s a goof, she’s a freak. She’s always keeps an happy look She’s likes to keep her feels inside but, looks happy on the outside. She’s loves everyone around her even if they don’t like her she finds away to make them like her. But , if she can’t it’s there lose😂. Nancy’s a girl who laughs for no reasons but,everyone laughs her goofy laugh.
is that Nancy, the one you don’t like?
Yah but, where cool now. She’s amazing I wanna wife her. She’s not as bad as I though she would be.
by Hit it January 20, 2018
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The type of chick you would be proud to introduce to your parents. She's smart, God-fearing and beautiful.
Person: That gal Nancy is so smart!
Guy: I'm finna make Nancy my wife!
by ChunLi June 24, 2018
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a Nancy is a casual person, she is very good at helping others, but when its her that needs help, she doesn't need others to help her. Nancy is a broken person, she has went through the toughest times and is still standing and not giving up at other times she feels the need to give up because she feels lonley, worthless, and non confident. Nancy feels lonley, she can have over thousands of friends and still feel lonley. Nancy only wants someone to listen to her problems, cause she needs a real friend by her side at all times, but Nancy is a beautiful young person and she gets jealous at times and is very sensitive.
"Is she a Nancy?"
by ifvohbv September 30, 2018
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Nancy is an old style and proper girl/woman. It's not a popular thing with baby naming Millennials. But it is a stoic and steadfast beast that defines the best babysitter you could ever ask for in times of fear and delusion.
Me: I need a babysitter for my ankle biting orange pug.
You: Call Nancy. She'll spank that nasty thing.
by Dogma mama January 23, 2019
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