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some fake ass hoe that says shit like "Waddup nigga" when she's whiter than bleached baby powder and walks around with big ass nails as long as their list of one night stands (long af).

There hair is plastic and is really shiny because its fake (obviously)
has a skirt shorter than the time it took for them to lose their virginity and looks older than their rich druggie parents because of all the makeup everyday.

They usually have two ID card because they look so different without makeup
Everyone pretends to love them but deep down they wish they were dead
usually have silicone ass and tits because they naturally have none
obsessed with fucking mirror selfies half naked and usually are trying so hard to look skinny
thinks that people think they are hot or cute just because they be commenting on their IGs
look at that fake ass felicia
look at dem fake ass hoes
dem niggas think they black but they fake ass white hoes
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by haz and jaz August 30, 2017
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Describing or pertaining to one's innability to accomplish their motives. When one tries to be something they are not. Can also pertain to inanimate objects.
Look at that fake-ass player trying to draw that girl in with his fake-ass spinning hub caps.
by Toshi Iba November 26, 2006
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