An unnecessary term for an actress. There has been some recent confusion in the biz due to some women who seem to think that they are not equal to men (women are in fact equal but distinctly and thankfully different.)
These egomaniacs insist that they are 'actors' which fucks up the rest of us who see that the obvious is in fact the case; that they are actresses. This term - 'actress' - was okay for Katherine Hepburn and other greats of her time...why is it necessary for these 'womyn'- as they likely wish to be addressed - to try to compete where no competition is needed or warranted. A man is a man; a woman is a woman. An actor is a man; an actress is a woman. It really is quite simple.

Dan: "Would the actresses looking to audition for the role of Cleo please gather to my left."

Tiffy: "Oh my gawd...I don't SEEEEE any ACTRESSES here DAaaaaN....Show me you me an me; you chauvanist PIIIG! I am an ACTOR as are all of the W--I--M--Y--N----here...AND I refUSE to be asked to be on your left...there is no 'left.' There is only 'personal flow.'!!!"

Rachel: "Step aside wannabe.....go back to hustling tables."

Dan: " can go to tent 4 if you want to audition for the actors' rolls. We are running takes for Terminator might fit in there."

by psiscott April 21, 2006
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