Its the middle of good and bad, yes and no, hot and cold.
1. How is your mother? So so.
Middle of good and bad.
2. Did you undestand this? So so.
Middle of yes and no.
3. How was she? So so.
Middle of Hot and cold.
by Victor April 15, 2005
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that that person is kinda doing good and at the same time kinda not.

How are you doing?
by flo October 29, 2003
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Average. Some good points, some bad points. Overall just passes the time.
Jason X was so-so.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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The same as the po-po's but these kind of cops pull you over and give you a warning, so they are still po-po's for pulling you over, but they let you off, so they're so-so's
mike - crap it's the po-po's
officer - watch your speed next time
jorge - fucken po-po's bro
mike - meh, the so-so's
by Nachoz- May 9, 2008
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A lack or absentee of effort required for effective Social Distancing practices during a global pandemic.
Noah and his friend Julie thought it was okay to engage in So-So Distancing. Together they held hands and skipped around without any face-masks on like the world is dandy.
by VisyVisyVis89 July 27, 2020
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1(adj) a term used to describe the appearance of an indivdua, emplying that they look supa dupa fly or looking better than usual.

2 a luxury clothing line that has been introduced by so so def owner's father in 2006
damn your looking so so fresh today
i gonna that a shower because i gotta keep so so fresh all day everday
that shirt makes you look so so fresh
by Bazoo May 13, 2006
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So so def is another way to say most definatly.
1: Are you going to the game?
2: So so def.
by Ma-Rak October 4, 2007
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