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Its the middle of good and bad, yes and no, hot and cold.
1. How is your mother? So so.
Middle of good and bad.
2. Did you undestand this? So so.
Middle of yes and no.
3. How was she? So so.
Middle of Hot and cold.
by Victor April 15, 2005
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Average. Some good points, some bad points. Overall just passes the time.
Jason X was so-so.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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that that person is kinda doing good and at the same time kinda not.

How are you doing?
by flo October 28, 2003
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An Alcoholic Drink Invented By The Krooked Mafia Mixed In A Milk Jug. It Consists Of Vodka And Or Canadian LTD, Mountain Dew And Sum Yummy Red Shit. (Not Disclosed For Copyright Reasons)
Yo That Party Last Nite Was Krooked We Had Like 7 Jugs Of That SoSo That Shit Is Deliscious.
by K-R%K!!!! March 05, 2010
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A stepfather to daughters only; any man who by marriage winds up raising some other schmucks female offspring. Used in conjuction with DODO, a dad of daughters only.
When Bill married Brenda, he became a SOSO DODO to Brenda's daughter, Michelle.
by Greg Gerber April 28, 2007
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