The coolest person on the world.He's the sweetest and he's funny.If you know a Abel keep them.Abel loves you,Everyone needs a Abel.Abel is cute and sweet.And he is able to keep a conversation going.Abel is like a king but,a kind one.
Abel is a King
by Unknown_Weirdo November 27, 2017
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Abel doesn't need drugs to be creative... but takes them anyway for fun

#avant #garde
Abel has cool hair
by LowL33s@h January 4, 2017
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yes. just yes. thats all. its yes. Wabel. Wabel ong. You will not find anyone better at all.
Abel is amazing./ Damn I wish I was like Abel
by Boe Poseidon May 4, 2021
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He has long hair looks like a woman

And know how to tap that ass....

Abel is pretty funny and he has a BIG schlong.
All the girls want to get tapped by his soft fingers.
Hey Abel can you tap my ass?
by Lqoqllakamnan October 23, 2018
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A boy that is relatively shy and keeps to himself but is always examining things and observing people and has his athletics and academics balanced and forgets things frequently.Also has great taste in girls. Also really wired and cares about what other people think about him. EXTREMELY emotional at not so them but his emotions are powerful small/short doesn’t like to grow out his hair. Has a girly laugh.
That Abel is something else, did you see him laugh the other day
by InEeDaGiRlFrIend September 24, 2019
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i mean my name is is abel and like i just its ok people like me dont really like my name but.. whatever :/
by glassrook January 11, 2018
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