Where Men go to die
'boys im at the gulag'
by talonnnnnnnnnnn March 26, 2020
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Serfs who disobeyed Stalin were given the sentence to go to the gulag.
by ML March 28, 2003
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The act of banishing someone to a real or imagined, unpleasantly-harsh, environment where one is forcefully held in literal or figurative imprisonment for an indeterminate period in order to silence said person's public voice.
Oppressive governments simply gulag anyone who dares to publicly speak truth to power. Once that group gets in office they will simply gulag anyone who disagrees with them.
by flemsnopes September 5, 2018
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Your place of work, particularly a job where the pay is shit and the work is oppressive and soul shattering.
Sorry guys, I have to go to gulag now.
by СукаБлять August 18, 2020
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1. A Russian penal institute. Stands for "G"lavnoe "u"pravlenie ispravitel'no-trudovykh "lag"erei (chief administration of corrective labor camps.)

2. Any mental institute in the USA. People get sent to those hellholes for expressing themselves, reporting abuse (or any wrongs done to them), writing poetry, speaking out against government policies, when their parents dislike them, and for various other HARMLESS "violations" of the so-called "social contract." Essentially, these people are punished for things they MIGHT do, based on someone's "artificial fear".

Inside the gulags of America, the "artificial fear" cycle is perpetuated. People who are less threatening than a person in a wheelchair, are treated worse than violent felons.

They are usually strapped down and jacked up with dangerous psychotropic drugs 24 hours a day, and they are given less rights than the most dangerous correctional institute inmates -- they are prevented from communicating with the outside world in ANY way, they are denied the right to an attorney or physician, and they are denied medical treatments for their injuries, cancer, and acute illnesses...... all in the name of $cientology.

Patients even get MURDERED by the staff... and these staffers never see a day in jail, because all the murders are covered up.
"Stop protesting and carrying signs outside government buildings, you fool, or the secret police will haul you off to the gulag!"
by Jason L. September 20, 2005
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The place where capitalists go when we win, comrade. A sleepover camp in scenic Siberia, with lots of fun activities to do (whether you want to or not). When the Communist Party tells you to go to gulag, that's where you better go. For the great gift of gulag, we have no-one but Stalin to thank.
Capitalist: I'm terrified what's going to happen now that the damn Reds have taken over this country!
Communist: Do not be frightened, silly capitalist! We will send you to gulag.
Capitalist: Er, that sounds scary!
Communist: It is not scary but very good for you. Go and you will see.
(Some years pass.)
Former Capitalist: Comrade, I have been changed for the better. No more capitalism for me, I am ready to work hard for communism!
Communist: See, I told you!
by phukker April 24, 2020
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working atmosphere with Meet Doshi on his personal website, www.wave-gaming.com
Man, Meet Doshi is Stalin. Maybe fifty years after his death Russia will get better.
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
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