ong = on god.
1) can be used to agree to something
— similar to phrases like “i swear to god”, “i put that on god”
“only thing i like about family reunions is seeing my fave cousin
by maizuik August 23, 2018
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A misspelling of the chatspeak 'omg'. Used when mocking 'n00bs'.
Lyke ong!11111one I pwn j00 w1th my 1337n355!11oneong!111111oneoneone
by 1337n355 H473r July 23, 2004
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The misspelling of the quite popular term "omg" used by people who type in "leet" or l337
ong th4t i5 50 pwnage
by Stoopid Face May 14, 2004
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A term used to taunt and impersonate illiterates, known as n00bs to some, and annoy other people who get pissed off at everything. See Omgz :).
ong i lovee you!!1111oneshift LOLZOZOLOLOLOLLOLOL LETS HAVE KIDS LMAOROFL!!11111ONE111111111!
by Stupid Bloody Tuesday February 18, 2005
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it’s a way of saying “omg” but less potatoey
by samisaijebee August 27, 2020
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You’re probably here because you saw someone say this and we’re to embarrassed to ask lolz you dum bro but dw I got you 😼👍 ong could just be a misspelling of “oMG” but usually it’ll mean “on God”
Yurrrrr cuh 🥶‼️💯💯 On my way to beat up da homie Eren again 💵🦍 y’all WISH you had our relationship and das OnGGG my g 😼❤️💵💵

Oh stFU 5’2 midget lookin azz

and you WONDER why I beat you up >:,((
by Jeankirschteinsrightboocheek October 8, 2020
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Exclamatory phrase meaning "Oh no, gorillas". Best if used around gorillas.
Ahh there's something coming toward us.

by jayp12323 September 4, 2009
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