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ong = on god.
1) can be used to agree to something
— similar to phrases like “i swear to god”, “i put that on god”
“only thing i like about family reunions is seeing my fave cousin
by maizuik August 23, 2018
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Another way of swearing to god
"On god"
Me: I hit him in the face
Guy: No you didn't bruh
Me: I did, on g
by vNeji September 16, 2016
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Exclamatory phrase meaning "Oh no, gorillas". Best if used around gorillas.
Ahh there's something coming toward us.

by jayp12323 September 04, 2009
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An exclamation of shock used to alert and humiliate the perpetrator of a hilarious typo.
Gajan: "Mmm I love applie pie it's so delish"
by Pigs_Will_Fly October 01, 2012
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"ONG!!! Can't believe that good thing finally happend. We trust in god, cause he our nigga."
by Yung Ginge June 14, 2015
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A misspelling of the chatspeak 'omg'. Used when mocking 'n00bs'.
Lyke ong!11111one I pwn j00 w1th my 1337n355!11oneong!111111oneoneone
by 1337n355 H473r July 22, 2004
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