Gard is the name of the cool, the awesome, the elite. It comes from the old norrøn word Guard (same as in English) and means defence.
I'd totally Gard that.
by Mietcl July 4, 2011
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The sexiest man to ever grace us with his presence...hes so hot right now
That James kid is quite the Gards!
by Hodawg April 19, 2005
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A gard is the same thing as a cigarette. Usually used to talk about smoking and cigarettes when your parents, who aren't aware that you're a smoker, are around.
"Yo, wanna go smoke a gard?"

"Yeah! You know me, I'd never say no to a smoke, lmao!"

Or, if parents are present:

by lil gard March 1, 2018
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The norwegian term "Gard", is another form of the word "Andreas", which means "Man with a small penis".
Omg, honey, look at our kids tools, I'm afraid it might be a Gard...
by Ekac820 April 10, 2008
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A Gard is a unit of measuring, commonly mistaken for the name of a person. A Gard is measured at the same weight of 35kg or about 80 pounds. This tool of measurement is useful for larger objects or weight lifting.

The measurement derives from a small norwegian person with the same name.
"Yo, how much can you bench?"
"About a Gard or two"
by Klittum March 23, 2022
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to gaurd with a very frail weak stance
"john was garding so i just hit him hard and he fell over"
by yurilover September 8, 2008
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Egocentric, childish, no feelings for others, awefull sense of "humor" and stupid. A friend who suddenly explodes on you for no reason and isn't your friend anymore. Super annoying. There u have Gard
by Like. NooneCaresAboutYou December 3, 2018
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