Responsible for killing twenty five percent of the early world's population. Killed a larger percent of the human population than any disease or war in human history.
Cain knew three people. He killed one of them. If you knew Cain, you had a seventy five percent chance of survival.
by 44294 June 21, 2010
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The most amazing man to have ever walked the Earth. Beautiful inside and out. Kind, sexy,charming, hilarious, a blast to be around, a true big kid at heart. You will never meet a more perfect man. If there is a Cain in you're life, you're extremely lucky. Don't ever let him go, he is irreplaceable.
"Dam his a Cain"
by 24e February 20, 2010
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One of the sons of Adam and Eve and possible the first vampire. After he killed Abel he was banished and nature would no longer support him with fruits and plants to eat. Although it doesn't say what happened to him after his banishment he may have had to result to cannibalistic behavior to survive thus becoming the first vampire.
Cain was marked so that no person would help him and nature would not support him.
by krau_soles October 28, 2005
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The most amazing guy ever. People don't see the real him. He's sweet, funny, kind, everything.
He reminds me of Cain.
by YourFrigginFace April 23, 2011
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An australian word for pain or loss.
Dude, that cained! (That hurt)

The lions got cained (The Lions lost by a big margin)
by cosmic404 September 24, 2004
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To show ignorance in a manner that most would consider arrogant
That wasn't just arrogant, he Cained that interview like he was trying to answer those questions incorrectly on purpose.
by Manic, Chill December 5, 2011
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Cain/Cained" - to fail to understand simple logic or reason, and stubbornly refute, or refuse to acknowledge any form of evidence presented that counters any stated argument other than the one originally presented by the instigator of the argument. Further, to twist presented facts and evidence into an attempt to support the premise the evidence, then, clearly refutes.
Man 1: Hey man, look at that wonderful Blue Sky! Lovely day.
Man 2: No man that skies Red with streaks of Gold!

Man 1: What? Look at it, it's blue dude! How can you say it's red?
Man 2: You just supported my argument via that statement. You admitted it's red as you said "It's Red" in the sentence.
Man 1: Your pulling a Cain man.

Man 2: Yeah, you totally got Cained by me then!
by DungeonsandDragonsNerd June 21, 2011
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