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Airbus Industrie's much-ballyhooed superjumbo jet. When placed in service will be the biggest airliner in the world.
The A380 is capable of seating 800 normal-sized people, or 500 Americans.
by bigtones June 19, 2006
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A over-ambitious Pig-Nosed airliner released by Airbus Industre' in an attempt to gain attention, and boost sales.
I saw the A380 fly, but it was still very gay.
by Notams September 22, 2005
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Airbus' piece of shit airliner that has a million problems. No one wants to fly the giant whalejet because Boeing makes better quality planes than those snobby french bastards.
Big Gay Al: Hey buddy wanna fly on the A380?
Me: Dude... I'm not a fucking faggot.
by John Ether Hales-Baxtennabber January 21, 2007
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A major fuck up. Airbus was unwise to develop such an airliner without a large number of orders on the books.
The A380 may never earn a profit for Airbus/EADS but it doesn't matter, European taxpayers have already paid for it.
by wichita January 05, 2008
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The new ultra long range aircraft by the European Airbus consortium that is the superior answer to the A380's outdated competitor....the 747.
I can't wait till I get on a A380!!!!
by Go Airbus! March 28, 2005
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The world's biggest and best airliner, the very mention of which to an American brings about a foul-mouthed reply mentioning such surprising topics as fuel efficiency because Airbus is kicking Boeing's ass.
- Say, Billy-Bob, have you seen the awesome new A380? - I ain't seen no damn A380, you yuropeen faggot. Ah like muh planes to be small, out-dated and a'murkin.
by Captain Eurotrash October 11, 2007
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