Airbus Industrie's much-ballyhooed superjumbo jet. When placed in service will be the biggest airliner in the world.
The A380 is capable of seating 800 normal-sized people, or 500 Americans.
by bigtones June 19, 2006
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A over-ambitious Pig-Nosed airliner released by Airbus Industre' in an attempt to gain attention, and boost sales.
I saw the A380 fly, but it was still very gay.
by Notams September 22, 2005
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Airbus' piece of shit airliner that has a million problems. No one wants to fly the giant whalejet because Boeing makes better quality planes than those snobby french bastards.
Big Gay Al: Hey buddy wanna fly on the A380?
Me: Dude... I'm not a fucking faggot.
by John Ether Hales-Baxtennabber January 21, 2007
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A major fuck up. Airbus was unwise to develop such an airliner without a large number of orders on the books.
The A380 may never earn a profit for Airbus/EADS but it doesn't matter, European taxpayers have already paid for it.
by wichita January 5, 2008
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The new ultra long range aircraft by the European Airbus consortium that is the superior answer to the A380's outdated competitor....the 747.
I can't wait till I get on a A380!!!!
by Go Airbus! March 28, 2005
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The world's biggest and best airliner, the very mention of which to an American brings about a foul-mouthed reply mentioning such surprising topics as fuel efficiency because Airbus is kicking Boeing's ass.
- Say, Billy-Bob, have you seen the awesome new A380? - I ain't seen no damn A380, you yuropeen faggot. Ah like muh planes to be small, out-dated and a'murkin.
by Captain Eurotrash October 11, 2007
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worlds largest aircraft, wings built in england FOR ALL YOU WHO THINK ITS FRENCH they just bolt it together, it looks great and is well made BY ENGLISH WORKERS
'wow look at that A380 its HUGE'
by ProudWorker #19827483 September 19, 2007
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