The only aeroplane most people can recognise; even then most people mistake it for the 747.
Non-Avgeek: Oh my god look at that Airbus A380 SuperJumbo!
Avgeek: That's a 747-44AERF you twat.
by Wha-daCAG December 9, 2017
Very big plane: the only plane bigger than a 747, can fit around 853 passengers max
me: look it's an Airbus A380, biggest plane in the world
my friend: very noice
by boing February 5, 2021
A plane that's too bloody large.
I went on an Airbus A380 in the weekend, and because it was an Airbus I nearly died.
by LazyllamaAviation April 6, 2017
A thicc ass plane. The thiccest in the world, with two decks of thicc ass. It's got 4 big ass engines, perfect to suck up the souls of your enemies with and the bodies in your backyard, ETHAN.
Aviator 1: "Yo dude that's a thicc ass plane out there on the tarmac"
Aviator 2: "Yeah, the Airbus A380. Two entire decks of cheek clappin'."
Aviator 1: "Nice."
by Airbus A420 April 22, 2019