A person who disagrees with me
If you disagree with me you are not only a clown but the entire circus
by October 7, 2020
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Someone who disagrees with me
Your not only a clown your the entire circus
by October 7, 2020
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Hello I am just a clown,
The clown that nobody cares about.
Whenever you frown,
Remember in this clown – your happiness was found.
In your eyes, I was just a clown.
Remember this clown whenever you fool around
What are this heart and soul all about?
In this clown, her happiness was never found.

Every teardrop was blood.

Story about this poem: Clown in this poem represents someone who does not care about looking ugly when wearing unique make-up/costume to make others happy while neglecting the happiness of her own. Sad clown "is the ones who spend their days making people laugh and bring happiness are often the ones who go home and feel sadness."

«“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”, said Robin Williams. In making others laugh, they find their solace.»

The clown in this poem is one of the Sad Clown Paradox examples. "Remember in this clown – your happiness was found.": The blissful feelings, the imagination, the loving and caring feelings were found from the clown. However, the person used that imagination that he found from the clown and applied to someone else "whenever you fool around". In the end of the day, the clown goes home and asks herself "What are this heart and soul all about?" That is when she realizes, deep inside, "her happiness was never found."

It is a cycle of the Sad Clown Paradox that nobody is willing to stop the invisible abuse in the society. The cycle of give–and–take and


In every single aspect of our lives.
by JVeverMind August 9, 2022
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Just a downright fool, someone who there's no other word for other than 'clown' it explains how stupid they can be and how little you think about them
Brad - I'm going to funnel a beer into my but like jackass
Brian - Wow dude you're a fucking clown
by b.esti January 3, 2010
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A situation where you are fooling yourself, or get fooled by someone or something
I thought DAY6 gonna be announcing their comeback tonight, what a clown 🤡
by wonipil June 28, 2019
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