v. to clown, clowning, clowned. To laugh, make fun of, or find joy in a person or event. Almost always used in a derogatory or degrading fashion.

n. A fool or jester; someone that you laugh at or "clown" at.
1. "I can't wait till I hear you say
'I'm going down, mayday, mayday.' I'm gonna clown." - Ice Cube, "Ghetto Bird"

2. Hah hah Lorenzo just dropped his sack in front of a narc, what a clown!
by thug4life October 4, 2002
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1) To be put to shame or ridiculed by a clown.
You just got clowned on, dog!
by white trash March 3, 2005
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1: A biker gang from the movie AKIRA.
2: The Insane Clown Posse.
3: A term used by a victim of a group of elitist bastards who specifically hates that one victim.
1: "Someone's coming. Maybe it's Kaneda. No! IT'S THE CLOWNS!!" as said by Kaori in AKIRA.
2:Eminem is not "down with the Clowns"
3:The Clowns in 3rd period wouldn't let me play Worms World Party with them anymore.
by Hand Hanzo January 15, 2005
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Dumbasses who disrupt common settings by making stupid jokes, loud noises, && instigating stupid stuff.
*Boy packing on some other boy, && joke wasn't funny*

Damn, ____ is such a clown.
by piiglett. February 18, 2009
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to be making fun of someone, or make jokes
Dude The Game was clowning on 50 cent. He was clowning on the new kid.
by Matstir January 24, 2010
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1. A person who wear face paint, huge shoes, small cars, and most likely some kind of horn to instill fear in small children and even more fear in adults. A clown is probably the best thing to scare someone.
2. Someone who unintentionally embarasses themselves
3. Nickname for Shawn Crahan, one of the original founders of the Alternative Metal band, Slipknot
1. Dude, that clown scars the living shit out of me.
2. That clown always falls down when he runs.
3. Clown is one sic mother fucker.
by ThroatSlit February 17, 2006
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