(kloun) noun
1. Someone who is a joke
2. Someone who thinks they are important but messes everything up
I can't believe they put Wilson in charge of anything, he screws up everything he does. That guy is a clown.
by Jeckell February 24, 2009
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When you fall for a boy who obviously doesn’t like you or wants nothing to do with you.
I’m a clown bitch learn from this definition
by Stupidbitch.com September 2, 2019
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Dang john was clowning with Sally’s feelings
by beingclownedon July 12, 2019
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A hashtag (or tag-phrase) which describes a person, or group of people, whose actions caused embarrassment for themselves, or made them look foolish.

A related hashtag (or tag-phrase) to #beclowned - popularized by media pundit Ben Shapiro, indicating a more formal clowning which is generally related to entities, the media, official groups, or political figures.
Example One: A fully geared trio in APEX: Legends (Yellow and Purple Armor) being squad wiped because one player on the team ran ahead and pushed an under-geared and less skillful team alone. #clowned.

Example Two: CNN's Chris Cuomo asking Mark McCloskey if any of his property was damaged the night McCloskey was forced to pull a gun on a group of protesters to protect said property, presumably fishing for a "no" to establish that McCloskey had no good reason for his actions. When, in reality, McCloskey's actions were more than clearly justified and likely prevented property damage to his and others' property. Thus, Cuomo's Gonzo Journalism style question revealed the true nature of the interview. #clowned
by My Diction is Reckless July 2, 2020
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putting oneself in a position where you are open to ridicule

also: clowning; to bring ridicule upon someone
he was completely clowned when he posted those n00dz of himself.
by david January 19, 2004
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Someone who wonders around hopelessly in search for love while being constantly laughed at, judged for their past, and is rarely trusted or accepted.
I’ve changed my life, I’m not the same person I once was?

You’re nothing but a clown! No one can change.
by JustAClownToAnyBody June 25, 2020
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