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Life is full of colors. Which color is yours?

Pink – One of the most beautiful colors: gentle, romantic, dreamy, warm & loving. Above all, pink represents happiness. Everyone dreams of having a rosy life, full of pinky promises, living in a world where love is overflowing, where there are only good things and evilness cannot exist...
It's really beautiful, isn't it?
Those who finds their life rosy are probably very happy & fullfilled. But... does it really exist? A world that consists of only good things?

Green – People say green is the color of jealousy – the bad feeling that presents in everyone's heart. Yet, green is so peaceful. Isn't it so soothing, pleasant & refreshing to be surrounded by green plants? The life of green plants & grassfield are so peaceful & fresh. But... are those trees always peaceful & undisturbed? Don't they mainly uptake O2 & release CO2 when photosynthesis stops at night?

Blue – The color of the sky & oceans. Calm. Cold. Healing. Blue is clear, beautiful & tranquil.
It's also the symbol of laziness. Has anyone ever looked up at the deep blue sky, & felt the feeling of laziness rising up in their hearts?

Yellow – The color of sunlight. Yellow is so cheerful, bustling, enthusiasm & full of life. It always tries to smile under any circumstance.. But... isn't it tiring living like that?

Purple – Royalty & Loyalty. Wisdom. Bavery. Spirituality. Admiration. An unchanging heart. It signifies 1 love, 1 heart for only 1 person.
Purple is so faithful that leads to isolation. Isn't it very lonely? It's a sadness & frustration. Purple is faithful, yet it's cold, lonely & sad.

Brown – Brown is Earthy & signifies growth. Warm. Noble. Simple. But.. isn't being simple too dull & faded?

Red – Vibrant & dazzling. Burning passion. Infinite love. Red symbolizes power, seduction, strength & pride. Red seems to have it all. But... Isn't red also the color of dangers & aggression, the color of blood?

Orange – Radiant & youthful. It is bright but not dazzling. It's simple, yet not dull. It is a perfect combination of yellow & red, a breakthrough from simplicity & old patterns. It does not follow the rule of prosody. But... how are we so sure that new thing is always great?

Black – Mysterious. Power & crime. Grief & loneliness. But... Who said that there is no light shining in the darkest tunnel? Only if one is willing to walk toward the end of tunnel.

White – Can life exist without white color? White is so pure & holy. Innocence. Simplicity. Love.

It's like a blank page – no worries, no marks, no sorrows. Everything goes by quietly as it is.
I love white – the color of purity. The only color that can absorb most of all other colors..

Just like life, white sometimes can be overlaid by other colored sheets. But then everything will pass & life returns to white again.

People give me pink..



Too many colors.
I want it white so that I can paint my own canvas.

Life is colorful. Remember.
by JVeverMind June 14, 2022
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It was the day that there was no other chair available, I sat next to Jd. You were sitting across the room.

I looked at you countless of time whenever I had a chance to look at your direction when you were not looking. I caught your eyes were looking at me from a distance and you imnediately looked away..

It was the day that you sent multiple telepathic messages after it ended. You didn't leave. You just sat there.. I think you were waiting for me to come and talk to you..
I actually waited outside..
You wore a grey sweater or a grey long sleves shirt on that day...
I melted.
My burried feelings
by Renaissance® January 03, 2022
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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Soulmates or twinflames are not something you decide. Still don't know the differences between soulmates and twinflames because of none spare time to read. However, It's spiritual. Everyone just needs to accept this truth/fact and move on from their debates of why things happen. Let everything be natural.
Not necessary soulmates or twinflames are meant to be with each others. Because, if the life before birth does exist and reincarnation is true, then it would mean your soulmate could have been the same/different gender, a child, an elder. It could have been anyone.

And also because there are other factors related to Fate, Destiny, Chance, Luck.
by JVeverMind® April 15, 2022
Fate vs Destiny
What is the difference between Fate, Destiny, Chance and Luck?

Even though the four terms might be intertwined and we easily get confused. However, they are difference. One may lead to another and vice versa.

Fate is something you have zero control over. It is completely out of your control.
On the other hand, destiny is shaped based on your choices / decisions.
For example: You have no control of whom you meet randomly in your life, and events/ stories from both sides are oddly matched prior to the meeting. That's Fate. Whether or not they are in your life, that's Destiny.

Destiny can lead to Fate or vice versa. For example: You did not spontaneously go somewhere, but instead, there were multiple choices and you decided to go to that place. Then, you meet the person. In this case, Destiny led to Fate.

When you purposely go on the internet and search for anybody, then it's a Chance. Whether or not you oddly meet the one, then it's now Luck.
If the whole situation makes any sense, and events/ stories are alligned, then the whole scenerio is Fate.

Fate vs Destiny

P/S: This is my unfinished thoughts. The length of my post is based on my current mood and energy level.
by JVeverMind® April 15, 2022
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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«You that seek what life is in death,
Now find it air that once was breath.
New names unknown, old names gone:
Till time end bodies, but soul none.»

Baron Brooke Fulke Greville, "Caelica 83"
"By the question of what,

given that all organisms die,
makes a virtuous and meaningful life."

«What makes life worth living in the face of death? What do you do when the future, no longer a ladder toward your goals in life, flattens out into a perpetual present? »
Do you regret anything if today is the last day of your life? When Breath Becomes Air.
by JVeverMind® February 17, 2022
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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You were born..
You learned to step...your baby steps.
Everybody was watching over you..
Just to make sure you wouldn't fall.

As you grew up, you were so eager to step.
You kept stepping.
You wide opened your eyes and were so ready to explore the world around you.
That was when...you had a sense about meanings of life.

Then, there was a time you felt tired..
You stepped slowly..

Then you were loved...
You stepped in joy.

As you grow old, mature you have become..
You learn how to make one step forward and two steps back.

There are times that you have missteps..
But you get up and keep stepping.

Never stop stepping..
That's a sense of living.
How many steps do you step per day? Make your steps count..
by JVeverMind August 30, 2021
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4/7.. I guess.
That was the day you appeared in front of me while I was helping a woman. My heart rate increased rapidly and constantly. I would not survive if my life depends on my heart alone.. I saw you, and I just suddenly acted funny and people would look at me and wonder: "What is going on with this person?" They did not know. I went to the restroom, tried to breathe (odd.. I know. Not a good place to get fresh air..)

For the matter of fact, I was not ready to face you so that was why I ran away.. You probably wonder: "What was wrong..?"
It was several days after I had the conversation with you asking you if I did anything wrong .. (related to text messages)

Back to the story, after I got out of restroom, they asked me to take care of the issue that was related to your department. I was trying to get it done as soon as I could and left..I said:"Can you just please get in there?" (I was referring to the paper). I think you heard it..and looked at me.
I came back, you were still there sitting on the chair. Looking at you from behind, I wanted to come to you, tap your shoulder and start a conversation by saying :"Hi, How are you? You are waiting on something? Let me help you.."

You never knew. All you knew was that I walked pass you...

4/7/21 @10ish
My burried feelings
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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A wish.

I wish I was there, sitting next to you, next to the pool area and we could play with water at night time.

I wish I was there, patiently and openly listening to you talk, about everything...
I wish I was there, being playful and pushing you down the pool..(sorry)... You said "ah cold..!" and pulling me down with you, looking into each other's eyes "I'm sorry for everything..my love.. let get back up there before you get sick."

I wish I was there to dry your hair.

I wish I was there to take care of you, or just be there for you when you need someone to talk to, to motivate you.

I wish I could walk along the coast where you were walking.. to see what ocean that you saw - the ocean that washed out your footprints, to breathe the air that you breathe, to touch that sand that rocks that you maybe touched.. Still can't figure out where that ocean is ..
14 ...a wish
by Renaissance® December 25, 2021
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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