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Life is full of colors. Which color is yours?

Pink – One of the most beautiful colors: gentle, romantic, dreamy, warm & loving. Above all, pink represents happiness. Everyone dreams of having a rosy life, full of pinky promises, living in a world where love is overflowing, where there are only good things and evilness cannot exist...
It's really beautiful, isn't it?
Those who finds their life rosy are probably very happy & fullfilled. But... does it really exist? A world that consists of only good things?

Green – People say green is the color of jealousy – the bad feeling that presents in everyone's heart. Yet, green is so peaceful. Isn't it so soothing, pleasant & refreshing to be surrounded by green plants? The life of green plants & grassfield are so peaceful & fresh. But... are those trees always peaceful & undisturbed? Don't they mainly uptake O2 & release CO2 when photosynthesis stops at night?

Blue – The color of the sky & oceans. Calm. Cold. Healing. Blue is clear, beautiful & tranquil.
It's also the symbol of laziness. Has anyone ever looked up at the deep blue sky, & felt the feeling of laziness rising up in their hearts?

Yellow – The color of sunlight. Yellow is so cheerful, bustling, enthusiasm & full of life. It always tries to smile under any circumstance.. But... isn't it tiring living like that?

Purple – Royalty & Loyalty. Wisdom. Bavery. Spirituality. Admiration. An unchanging heart. It signifies 1 love, 1 heart for only 1 person.
Purple is so faithful that leads to isolation. Isn't it very lonely? It's a sadness & frustration. Purple is faithful, yet it's cold, lonely & sad.

Brown – Brown is Earthy & signifies growth. Warm. Noble. Simple. But.. isn't being simple too dull & faded?

Red – Vibrant & dazzling. Burning passion. Infinite love. Red symbolizes power, seduction, strength & pride. Red seems to have it all. But... Isn't red also the color of dangers & aggression, the color of blood?

Orange – Radiant & youthful. It is bright but not dazzling. It's simple, yet not dull. It is a perfect combination of yellow & red, a breakthrough from simplicity & old patterns. It does not follow the rule of prosody. But... how are we so sure that new thing is always great?

Black – Mysterious. Power & crime. Grief & loneliness. But... Who said that there is no light shining in the darkest tunnel? Only if one is willing to walk toward the end of tunnel.

White – Can life exist without white color? White is so pure & holy. Innocence. Simplicity. Love.

It's like a blank page – no worries, no marks, no sorrows. Everything goes by quietly as it is.
I love white – the color of purity. The only color that can absorb most of all other colors..

Just like life, white sometimes can be overlaid by other colored sheets. But then everything will pass & life returns to white again.

People give me pink..



Too many colors.
I want it white so that I can paint my own canvas.

Life is colorful. Remember.
by JVeverMind June 14, 2022
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«You that seek what life is in death,
Now find it air that once was breath.
New names unknown, old names gone:
Till time end bodies, but soul none.»

Baron Brooke Fulke Greville, "Caelica 83"
"By the question of what,

given that all organisms die,
makes a virtuous and meaningful life."

«What makes life worth living in the face of death? What do you do when the future, no longer a ladder toward your goals in life, flattens out into a perpetual present? »
Do you regret anything if today is the last day of your life? When Breath Becomes Air.
by JVeverMind® February 17, 2022
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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You were born..
You learned to step...your baby steps.
Everybody was watching over you..
Just to make sure you wouldn't fall.

As you grew up, you were so eager to step.
You kept stepping.
You wide opened your eyes and were so ready to explore the world around you.
That was when...you had a sense about meanings of life.

Then, there was a time you felt tired..
You stepped slowly..

Then you were loved...
You stepped in joy.

As you grow old, mature you have become..
You learn how to make one step forward and two steps back.

There are times that you have missteps..
But you get up and keep stepping.

Never stop stepping..
That's a sense of living.
How many steps do you step per day? Make your steps count..
by JVeverMind August 30, 2021
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It is something I don't do well/work well with.
Shallowness is everywhere.
by JVeverMind November 13, 2022
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Hello I am just a clown,
The clown that nobody cares about.
Whenever you frown,
Remember in this clown – your happiness was found.
In your eyes, I was just a clown.
Remember this clown whenever you fool around
What are this heart and soul all about?
In this clown, her happiness was never found.

Every teardrop was blood.

Story about this poem: Clown in this poem represents someone who does not care about looking ugly when wearing unique make-up/costume to make others happy while neglecting the happiness of her own. Sad clown "is the ones who spend their days making people laugh and bring happiness are often the ones who go home and feel sadness."

«“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”, said Robin Williams. In making others laugh, they find their solace.»

The clown in this poem is one of the Sad Clown Paradox examples. "Remember in this clown – your happiness was found.": The blissful feelings, the imagination, the loving and caring feelings were found from the clown. However, the person used that imagination that he found from the clown and applied to someone else "whenever you fool around". In the end of the day, the clown goes home and asks herself "What are this heart and soul all about?" That is when she realizes, deep inside, "her happiness was never found."

It is a cycle of the Sad Clown Paradox that nobody is willing to stop the invisible abuse in the society. The cycle of give–and–take and


In every single aspect of our lives.
by JVeverMind August 9, 2022
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Desire is a very strong word.

It's a constant flow of yearning feeling deep within you.

It's a stage of deeply longing for something that you don't have.

It's a heavy pressure deep inside your chest whenever you think of it..

to the point you may experience short term ventricular fibrillation..

You want to have it, hold it, embrace it, release all of the pressure deep down in your chest... calmness you seek..

You can't.

It's a prolong obsessively thinking of it.. can't seem to concentrate on the conversations with the person standing in front of you.

It's when you just suddenly think of it when silence takes place... right in the middle of doing something.

Desire is a craving feeling. You eat, work, sleep with it. Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
More often than not, you can not have what you desire.
Many people misuse the word "desire". They use it, they don't truly feel it. It lost its meaning.
September 05, 2021
by JVeverMind March 12, 2023
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When you try to say something, and you cannot find the right words to say.

When you try to say something, and words are stubbornly hidden, do not want to come out.

Misunderstanding, you are afraid of.
Afraid of being accused of having ulterior motives or bad intentions.

It's hard, really hard..
Because you are a very kind-hearted person..by nature.

When you try to do something, and everything goes against you.

Prevent you from achieving accomplishment in every possible way.

When you try to do something, and everything just goes out of scope.

When you try over and over again, and things don't go as planned.

When you walk in the dark, and darkness is all you see.

When you are so straightforward and do not like ambiguity, you realize " it is not as same as me."
You feel hopeless, sometimes.
You want to give up.
Give in.
Stop trying.
Que Sera Sera.
Hasta La Vista, maybe?

I just want to be so kind.
Delightful life I seek.
Sorrow, distress, tiredness.
None of it ...we truly need.
Feel so hopeless to find a good friend who is there for you. Friends.. it has an end. They part away to start their own lives. Friends...one goes East and one goes West.. Guess what, those friends never meet again..

by JVeverMind October 07, 2021
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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