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A great comedian and great guy. It is a so sad that he had to die early.
Goooooooooooood Moooooorning Vietnam!!!!! - Robin Williams
by DanteHicks August 13, 2014
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ROBIN WILLIAMS was an Actor/Comedian who passed away in 2014.

Some of his best work is Disney’s Aladdin (1992), Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King (1991) & What Dreams May Come (1998).

Williams battled Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction throughout his life, which contributed to many poor life-choices and lack of stability in his life that was encased in depression.

It is Very Ironic that in Our Culture that Most Actors portrayed in Great, Honorable & Inspiring Tales Can Hardly Ever Live Up to these Roles in their Real & Personal Lives…They "Screw Around" on their Wives & Children in a never ending process and are Repeatedly Poor Fathers & Husbands in a long chain of Grief & Betrayal.
Don't Mess Up Your Life and Think With Your Drugged Out COCK Like Robin Williams.
by Tina from the BGCA August 31, 2014
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A stand up comedian/actor who most people either love or hate. Chances are, if you like Eddie Izzard and/or George Carlin, you will like Robin Williams's spastic and occasionally vulgar stand up style.
"...because the goal of alcohol is to make English your second goddamn are speaking fluent Drunkenese. Bravo!"
(about Ronald Regan)"...with a look in his eyes like they're gonna put swinging doors into Congress....'There's no place like the White House, there's place like the White House,' thinks about Star Wars, goes back to his room, puts on a black robe and suddenly, he's Obi-Ron Kenobi!"

Both quotes taken from "Robin Williams: An Evening at the Met" (1986)
by tygor_tora September 10, 2010
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fuck you, he is one of the funniest existing human's in the world. you couldn't tell a decent actor if one came up and bit you in the ass.
why would i need to give an example, watch a movie of his and their all great.
by L'Ranne April 03, 2005
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Robin Williams, was one of the most genius and underrated actors that graced the movie screens. A genius in the field of improvisation, he is remembered mostly for his films in Good Morning Vietnam and Aladdin (which most of his lines in both films were improvised). He also has a list of dramatic roles, one of which Good Will hunting, won him his only oscar as a supporting actor. He also starred in a not so known horror movie called One Hour Photo, that shows, how good an actor he could be. If he was given a chance we could have much more variety of roles, not that i am complaining about his movies.
Robin Williams was the best comedian to ever live.
by Disneyfanatic98 September 05, 2016
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