A great comedian and great guy. It is a so sad that he had to die early.
Goooooooooooood Moooooorning Vietnam!!!!! - Robin Williams
by DanteHicks August 13, 2014
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The greatest, funniest, sweetest man that ever walked the earth. He was a blessing to us all, and he will most certainly be missed.
"That Robin Williams, I tell ya, he sure tickled my funny bone in Mrs. Doubtfire!"
by That Demonic Writer August 13, 2014
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A homosexual actor is the US. He has been celebrated in the gay community since recently coming out of the closet. Williams says he has always been gay and now feels free because he can openly talk about his gayness and love for the cock.
Robin Williams not only drops the soap, he spreads his but cheeks wide.
by Robin Williams October 01, 2006
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A lame actor who has no friends. He likes to eat the corpses of aborted fetuses. The only good movie he was in was Flubber, but because of the title character improving Robin Williams. He will only stop killing if he dies himself. When there's a robin in the yard, you need to make a wish. Well, if this Robin is in your yard, wish for Jesus to kill him. He performs abortions on women who don't need it by showing them RV and Licence to Wed back to back for hours. He eats babies, and will rape your soul.
"I eat dead babies 4 breakfast."-Robin Williams
"Well, I tell you, it was really disturbing watching this guy go down the tubes. I can tell you that."-Flubber, after finishing his autobiographical tale co-starring Williams.
by Tom the Artist April 20, 2010
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I would love nothing more than to punch the idiot who wrote the definition that stated he was the greatest, funniest and sweetest man that ever walked the earth, which is total, utter and complete bullshit. He certainly was great, funny and sweet, but he was absolutely not THE greatest, THE funniest AND THE sweetest person EVER! No-one is, no-one has been and no-one will ever be even one of them, let alone all three of them!

And this is the second time I'm submitting this. Don't fucking reject it again, you morons, because I'm 100% right.
Robin Williams was great, but not the greatest, because no-one is the greatest.
by Summit9193 June 15, 2016
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ROBIN WILLIAMS was an Actor/Comedian who passed away in 2014.

Some of his best work is Disney’s Aladdin (1992), Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King (1991) & What Dreams May Come (1998).

Williams battled Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction throughout his life, which contributed to many poor life-choices and lack of stability in his life that was encased in depression.

It is Very Ironic that in Our Culture that Most Actors portrayed in Great, Honorable & Inspiring Tales Can Hardly Ever Live Up to these Roles in their Real & Personal Lives…They "Screw Around" on their Wives & Children in a never ending process and are Repeatedly Poor Fathers & Husbands in a long chain of Grief & Betrayal.
Don't Mess Up Your Life and Think With Your Drugged Out COCK Like Robin Williams.
by Tina from the BGCA August 31, 2014
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