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Somone who is really depressed but hides it. They paint themselves with a cheery mask and pretend everything is ok, but its all a lie.
She acts happy, but really shes a sad clown.
by Wolf89 July 02, 2006
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The act of a female performing deep fellatio on a male while wearing heavy mascara and/or eyeliner. The depth of the act may initiate the gag reflex causing her eyes to water, resulting in her mascara to run down each cheek; thus, resembling a sad clown when she looks up at you.
I'm stressed out. I could really go for a sad clown tonight.
by Mr. Rotten Treats July 20, 2009
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When you are ready to cum after a blowjob, come into each eye of your lover, making him or her tear up and have cum dribble down their eyes. Then punch them in the nose, making a red bloody nose, resembling a sad clown.
I busted Betty cheating on me, So before I dumped her bitch ass, I made her a sad clown.
by Madmike the Malevolent January 23, 2007
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a very droopy pair of breasts.
She used to be stacked, but where once were perky breasts is now just a sad clown.
by waraw August 25, 2004
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When you blow your load on the girls face and then punch her in the nose so she has a white face and a red nose. The girl will then cry from the punch causing her to be a sad clown.
Robin was being really annoying during sex so I gave her the sad clown when I blew my load.
by Cory Lauch February 24, 2009
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The act of inviting a woman over with the promise of sexual activities and ejaculating a large amount of cum on her face before you satisfy her. This produces the sad clown effect of a riddled woman with messy makeup, a white face, and a frown.
Did you see the girl that just walked out of his room? She just got here 10 minutes ago and looks like a sad clown now.
by Dadsies January 09, 2017
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When you feel depressed about something, or you are having a hard time coping.
Jenny: Hey Christi, why are you being such a sad clown?

Christi: I lost my cell phone, debit card and keys last night at the bar.
by xeni January 29, 2005
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