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NDPKRU stands for: National Democratic People's Khmer Republic Union.
Friend: I support the NDPKRU as I believe they could make Cambodia a better country.
by bushmantrash March 17, 2022
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Blue Archive is a mobile game that was developed by NAT Games, a subsidiary of South Korean game company Nexon. It's a free to play game with gacha mechanics.

The game also makes a Discord mod say: :Sob: emoji, seggs,

“When the submarines in Azur Lane wasn’t enough and you have a thing for angel students.” ~ Tomorrow,
Friend: What's your reaction when someone says does Blue Archive
Some Discord mod: :sob:
by bushmantrash March 19, 2022
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Ramen is probably the best thing a kid can buy and is cheaper than a snickers bar I know it's sad.
"You know your broke when you can't even afford ramen" ~ Bushmantrash
by bushmantrash September 26, 2019
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