It was snowing today so I left the Gixxer in the garage and drove my cage to work.
by eric January 12, 2005
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The act of vandalizing a computer or phone by doing the following:
1. Replacing all wallpaper images to pictures of Nicholas Cage
2. Changing all shortcuts to Nicholas Cage
3. Replacing all icons with the Face of Cage
4. In the case of a computer, alter the Username and possibly password to Nicholas Cage/Nicholascage
5. Change screensavers to sexual images with Nicholas Cage photoshopped in.
End of Optional.

Final Step: Enjoy the Cage Rage.
Person 1: Dude, so I 'm thinking about Caging my sister's computer, any suggestions?

Person 2: Take pictures and post it on the internet. Make a meme out of it.
by SparkDaKirin October 18, 2017
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The long term encasing of a penis to control the sexual drive of its owner. Usually a BDSM act or by those looking to enter long term celebate lifestyle within a mixed or same sex relationship
Samantha was deeply curious about Stuart's caged penis lifestyle

Steve was always caged before Debbie left town, he was always so attentive when she returned from her overseas trips
by Townsman December 29, 2015
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The act of trolling using the photoshopped face of Nicolas Cage made to look like other celebrities, or the creepy face of Nicolas Cage all by his glorious self. Especially fun and rewarding to put in not so obvious locations.
Friend 1: hey, Lauren left her iPhone and it doesn't have a passcode!

Friend 2: oh we should totally cage it!

Friend 1: yessssss, DO IT!
by Purple_unicorn04 May 13, 2013
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A derivative of 'Phoned It In', 'Cageing It' is when an actor gives the most outlandish and ridiculously over the top performance possible; generally under the assumption that the film they're starring in is going to be terrible regardless of what they do (and they hate themselves a little for even being in it), and that the director is unwilling or unable to stop them from doing whatever they want.

Named for the over the top performances typified by Nicolas Cage.
Did you see Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending? Totally Cageing it.

What was with Michael Sheen at the end of Twilight? He was definitely Cageing It. That dude just didn't give a fuck.
by Val_Killmore February 27, 2015
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When a couple or couples remove their clothing not to have sex, but to make-out whilst a movie starring Nicholas Cage is playing on the TV.
-Did you get it in last night?
-Nah man. We were just caging.
by KingOfCage December 23, 2011
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The guy you just can't get over. You love everything about him. His akward smile, his laugh, the facial expressions he makes, his smell. To you he is perfect. You just can't bring you're self to tell him this. Because he likes your best friend
Girl1: Hey there's Cage
Girl2: Don't say that name. I will start cryin and clock you in the face.
by HelloGoodbye14 February 27, 2011
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