The long term encasing of a penis to control the sexual drive of its owner. Usually a BDSM act or by those looking to enter long term celebate lifestyle within a mixed or same sex relationship
Samantha was deeply curious about Stuart's caged penis lifestyle

Steve was always caged before Debbie left town, he was always so attentive when she returned from her overseas trips
by Townsman December 29, 2015
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A word used to describe the art of 'Caging' - ie. Changing everything about someones Facebook without their knowledge to Nicholas Cage, whether it be display/cover pictures, their hobbies, schools, likes...etc. It is essentially a form of Frape taken to a whole new level of hilarity.
"Why is my display picture Nicholas Cage?"
"You've just been Caged!"
by The Cage Queen November 20, 2012
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What happens to seemingly dominant males whenever they get attached to a girl. In other words, whipped
Girl: Hey boy, you lookin' for a good time tonight?
Boy: Well actually, I was just about to call my girlfriend, she worries about me a lot
Girl: Ohhh, you looked cute but your definately caged
by Mosh Jean April 14, 2008
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Caged (1): To beat someone at something or to humiliate someone.

Caged (2): Something is more intense by being "caged".
When playing Mortal Kombat as Johnny Cage and you beat someone you just "Caged" them.

"I'm doing so good right now, I just Caged him in Black Ops."

"The new season of Sons Of Anarchy is Caged!" meaning it's intense.
by HorrorStory October 13, 2011
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Defeating someone in tetris attack in 60 seconds or less.

Nicholas Cage ----> Gone in 60 Seconds
by -Farenhex January 21, 2009
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Owns you at CS. Is also a sexy bast ;)
OMFG I saw Caged the other day, what a pr0. He has a nice phallus.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
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Caged = fuckin gay homo phallus licker.
Also likes to fuck wayne who wears gay pink leather biking suites.
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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