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To not have sex, to be without sexing up. Can be either for relgious reasons, personal, or because no one wants to have sex with you.
Person 1: I can't believe Tom has been celebate for so long!
Person 2: I heard he became a monk!
Person 1: That's not what I heard...
Person 2: You heard that his girlfriend wanted to build their 'relationship'?
Person 1: Nope..
Person 2: No one wanted to fcuk him?
Person 1: Yep!
by DiaryofaRedHead June 27, 2005
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Using the activity of masturbation to celebrate recent fortunate events. The act of "celebation" must be declared beforehand in order to qualify. Can be applied to, but is not limited to: sexual advances with the opposite sex, triumphant achievements of human ability, and/or fantastically tantilizing foodstuffs.
"What? An 92 on my Gay/Lesbian Studies exam? Time to go celebate!"
by Conslarfadarf October 18, 2009
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To masturbate in a celebratory fashion.
Home alone, and after winning the lottery, Daniel chose to celebate in front of the mirror.
by mmxjcl September 10, 2013
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Failure to abstain from sex after a vow of celibacy. Pioneered by celebrities who announce celibacy, and then proceed to break this vow soon after.
Person 1: "What happened to Paris Hilton's 1 year without sex?"

Person 2: "She went celebate"

Person 1: "Fair enough"
by sarahh=) November 15, 2009
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