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The greatest decade EVER! Disagree? Well, what did it give us: SNES, Megadrive (Genesis for you guys in the states), the original PSone. Compare the cartoons & kids shows from the 90s to the crap we have now (old Power Rangers ruled, now look at the new ones). Heck, compare the leaders of the 90s to the ones now (yes, back in the day Tony Blair was actually popular, and Bill Clinton is a better leader that Bush). OK, some music from now is good (Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, etc), but the dance music was way better than it is now! It was a better decade for Michael Jackson (admit it, Dangerous, HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor are good), Television (reality TV had only just started), Music (OK, if you don't count the Spice Girls, Peter Andre, etc. But we had MC Hammer!) and even politics and world events. But most importantly, it was the decade me and my generation spent out childhood in. Plus Bush JNR wasn't the president and Chavs didn't exist.
My m8: Wanna go watch Fresh Prince?
Me: Let me finish playing on the SNES and listening to MC Hammer.
My M8: Before Fresh Prince let's watch cartoons on CITV.
Me: The 90s are so Fly!
by A L Harvey October 24, 2005

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In a sense I agree with all of the definitions here. However, a distiction must be drawn between celebrities and actors/musicians. Actors/musicians work relatively hard to become succesful in there chosen profession, and despite all the contests that provides lazy TV execs with reality TV, very few actors/musicians make it big. A celebrity on the other hand is somewhat opposite, i.e. they are famous without trying very hard to earn fame.
Actor - Johnny Depp
Musician - Dave Ghrol (Please forgive me if i've misspelled his name)
Celebrity - Paris Hilton

Case closed
by A L Harvey December 02, 2005

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Adjective used to describe something so amazingly brilliant that a real word can't be used to describe its amazing brilliance.
The following things are Spifftabulistic:
Lord of the Rings
Bohemina Rhapsody
The 90s

This is just my opinion. feel free to put down what YOU think is Spifftabulistic
by A L Harvey November 11, 2005

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Humour that is inspired by or in rare cases emulates aspects of Monty Phython. This kind of humour is utterly random, hilariously bizzare and incredibly witty and satirical at the same time, although it is rare for any modern television program or movie to reach this.
Family Guy and The Simpsons use Pythonic humour
by A L Harvey January 09, 2006

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Basically, a cross between a trendy and an emo. They pretend to be emo and do emo things but only to be part of a branch of popular modern youth culture. Then again, if a Treemo realises that they are only a sheep and that their only purpose in life is to pretend to be like other people then they may evolve into an emo.
Emo: My life sucks, so i'm moody.
Treemo: My life sucks too.

Emo: Nobody understands my individuality
Treemo: Err, same here
by A L Harvey November 05, 2005

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An object, or concept, that is cool/hip due to its innovativeness and/or originality, named after the Wii, Nintendo's next gen console, as well as the word wicked for the coolness
The controler for the Nintendo wii is Wiicked!

Motion capture was Wiicked when first used in film-making.
by A L Harvey October 03, 2006

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