The greatest decade EVER! Disagree? Well, what did it give us: SNES, Megadrive (Genesis for you guys in the states), the original PSone. Compare the cartoons & kids shows from the 90s to the crap we have now (old Power Rangers ruled, now look at the new ones). Heck, compare the leaders of the 90s to the ones now (yes, back in the day Tony Blair was actually popular, and Bill Clinton is a better leader that Bush). OK, some music from now is good (Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, etc), but the dance music was way better than it is now! It was a better decade for Michael Jackson (admit it, Dangerous, HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor are good), Television (reality TV had only just started), Music (OK, if you don't count the Spice Girls, Peter Andre, etc. But we had MC Hammer!) and even politics and world events. But most importantly, it was the decade me and my generation spent out childhood in. Plus Bush JNR wasn't the president and Chavs didn't exist.
My m8: Wanna go watch Fresh Prince?
Me: Let me finish playing on the SNES and listening to MC Hammer.
My M8: Before Fresh Prince let's watch cartoons on CITV.
Me: The 90s are so Fly!
by A L Harvey October 24, 2005
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To be eternally remembered as the end of good music.
The 90s: Red. Hot. Chili. Peppers.

The Now: Black... eyed... peas...

See my point?
by Mr. Carson February 25, 2006
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man, the nineties are the shit! Grunge was born, flannel shirts, dirty hair, and music one of a kind. It has something special. The nineties were the best and there will never ever be an era like that! It was so good, I'm obsessed. Music was different (as in good, and a hell of a lot better than now) and it brings back memories.

aha.. I LOVE the nineties!
the nineties fucking rock!
prep: ninties suck!
me: fuck u, how would u know?
prep: they did
me: I'll kick u r ass, run away before I strangle you with a flannel shirt!
by Inna March 2, 2005
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The decade I grew up in, techno in its abundance, 1995 era music of techno/house rocked

then in 1997 the birth of Wild FM, sparked a series of music phase known as trance
The music back in the 90s even though old, is still one of a kind, nothing today is like it and brings back great memories
by LaRgO November 5, 2004
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The second best era ever, the first being the 80s. In the 90s, Grunge was born, and men weren't afraid to wear ponytails. The infamous Furby doll was very popular in the 90s, as was the battle of the baggy pants rappers: MC Hammer Vs. Vanilla Ice.
by Proud To Be American September 4, 2004
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The 90s.

A magical place where impressions and love for your country and also other countries was a normal thing.
Most kids grew up poor together closing a lot of generational and demographically designed bullshit gaps keeping them apart.
Not to be confused with the close friend Z.
The 90s: remember sesame street? And basketball? And hooping? And chalk. And in general just chilling outside to your beatbox?

Snobby millenials: you were born WHAT YEAR.
The 90s: well...yeah the end of it. It seemed pretty legit. Bring back my MTV is a great song.
Friend z: yeah not having cable was the shit. But also having cable was also the shit.

The 90s: yeah I agree here the keys
by ||♡|| October 24, 2020
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verb - The discarding of all technical virtuosity in music, the detuning of your instruments, the adoption of whiney or rapped vocals.

noun - An era whose only redeeming qualities were the destruction of hair metal and the creation of the fantastic Beast Wars cartoon. American music was taken over by Grunge, and again later by Rap, Nu-Metal, and post-grunge. None of these genres had any interesting technical arrangements, and most were filled with self-indulgent lyrics about angst, pain, and how much "life sucks".
Though it only lasted ten years, this decade has set music back nearly thirty years.
by AdmiralDavidov August 11, 2005
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