The most manly state in the union where men head-butt bison, punch trout in the face, and chop down trees with their gargantuan dicks.
"I'm a pussy!"
-Someone who doesn't live in Montana
by BurlyMontanyan August 29, 2006
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The fucking best state ever. Ladies bag bucks, catch monster fish,and will slap you if you reject hunting or fishing, or even are part of PETA. Men do the same.
Someone from another state: look at this MONSTER fish i caught, its 14 inches!

Montanan: *holds up 25 incher*
out of stater: *should bow down*
by MONTANANS FRICKIN RULE September 24, 2011
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The most beautiful girl alive.
any guy would be insanely luck to be with her.
she's amazingly smart, and hilariously humourous.
her Husband, is the luckiest guy in the world because he has something that no guy has, but all guys dream of, a girl like Montana.
wow shes a real Montana
by daltont August 24, 2010
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A state in which the manliest of man live and the hottest of women. People who make fun of this state or insult it are jelouse assholes who know where they live sucks balls.
Guy1 :"Man, that state Montana sucks."
Guy2 :"Your only saying that becuase we live in New Jersey and you know Montana is way better."
Guy1 :"Ya, your right."
by Mozaralio December 17, 2009
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Most kick ass person you will ever meet. They love to be occupied. And like them selves some Lovin. They can be bitchy and rude. But what they saw is real. They are fun to party with but can party a little too hard.
Person 1: " Hey Whats your name?"
Person 2: " Montana"
Person 1: " Holy Shit! Wanna go party?"
Person 2: " In my mind Im already wasted."
Person 1: " Your Awesome Montana"
Person 2: "I know Bitch."
by SteveTheWhale3455 January 30, 2010
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The supreme state of excellence one is able to attain
Kevin, those bitches are definitely not montana.
by Kevin Krupa October 17, 2007
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A windy place that is snowy and rainy year-round because the gods decided to give them shit weather
Bro why is it so fucking cold in Montana
by Herr Magie May 5, 2021
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