All it takes to witness perfection (and buy jawbreakers)
Kevin(shoving flyer into Eddy's face): Listen dork!, Don't put your trash on my door! Yuh hear me?!
Eddy: (stares deep into Kevin's soul while Edd lurks creepily in background, cue in epic music): 25 cents...
Kevin: what?
Eddy: 25 cents, is all it takes Kevin...
Kevin: For what? Another one of your loser projects (ha ha ha)
Eddy: No, see God... Have you ever wanted to see something soo beautiful, so unattainable, ...
Kevin:(stares at the abandoned Plank and says nervously) wh-wh-where's Johnny?
Eddy: He is witnessing perfection
Kevin: (suspicion grows) What do you mean, matter of fact, where is everyone today?
Eddy(raising voice): they are all a part of something far greater, ...they have seen something soo pure that their hearts can no longer turn back,...and it's right behind that door (points to huge carnival tent)
Kevin: whatever dork, take it and leave me alone

(Kevin hands over 25 cents and enters tent and sees the golden bright light. Ed morphs into gelatinous creature slithers behind him and reanimates into human form and waits for his moment)
Kevin: (gasps with terrified bewilderment as he stares into the glowing object):wh-wh-what is this?
Ed proceeds to attack/rape and/or murder Kevin while Ed and Eddy look on from outside.
Kevin screams in horror: Ah! ah! ah! get off me...get off me ahhhhh, no no nooo, ahhhh!!
Eddy (To Edd): Now. Who wants a jaw breaker
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Something so beautiful, Something so unattainable, it's the face of God.
"He is Witnessing something so Pure and all it takes is 25 Cents...."
by eddnd March 5, 2020
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50 centz son, was on VHI celebrity kids
reporter: whatz ya sonz rap name 50?

50: 25 cent datz ma boi
by 50 gurl May 28, 2006
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Associate Producer on the Bubba the Love Spong show on Sirius Sat. Radio Channel 101, Only Black Man On Show
by mdfmk September 16, 2006
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n. What Haitians always offer to you when they are trying to buy something from your garage sale
Haitian: How much for this lamp?
You: Umm, 5 dollars.
Haitian: How about 25 cents?
by pornopornolalalalalala September 21, 2008
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half the crap and half the rap.
yo just wanna be like 50'! o yea nigga? cut the 25 cent bitch!
by 2PACDRDREEMINEM50 May 29, 2003
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underground rapper who wants to be jus like his hero 50 cent
25 cent BITCH! aka 2 dimes and a nickel
by JEW March 25, 2003
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