The brightest pair of binary stars in the night sky; one is a blue-white main sequence dwarf and it's companion is a faint white dwarf. Sirius is located in the constellation Canis Major and as a most visable star is often called the "Dog Star"

The name Sirius comes from Greek and means "Scorcher"; and in Greek mythology Sirius is Orion's hunting dog. And before that, in Egypt the stars Sirius where worshiped as "Sothis".
Sirius is 8.6 light years away from us.
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
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Snuffles, Padfoot, Stubby Boardman, the first person to break out of Azkaban, heir to the Noble and Moste Ancient House of Black, Sirius is named for the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major. He's also gay... (don't tell me otherwise). Sirius is the godfather of Harry Potter.
Sirius Black (aka Padfoot, Snuffles) is the first person to break out of Azkaban.
by BageloftheLord June 15, 2018
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A Sirius is a person who is so utterly chaotic, their energy cannot be contained. You never know what sewer they’ll pop out of, coming to eat your soul. It’s a known fact that people named Sirius have the best hair, but that’s in trade for the world’s shittiest parents. Is the hair worth it? You’ll never know.
Damn, look at that hair!

Wow, they must be a Sirius!
by duckies5724 February 10, 2021
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Satellite radio service where high profile radio personalities (Howard Stern, Cousin Brucie, etc) go when they get pissed at regular radio.
by 1069 September 18, 2006
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soon to be the new home of Howard Stern
When Howard Stern moves to Sirius satilite radio nothing will be the same
by Paul March 11, 2005
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That one kid who is gay that everyone makes fun of
Man, Sirius is gay
by Petemos June 2, 2019
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A sirius attitude is an attitude in which the person being sirius should not be taken seriously unless it is a serious matter. If it is not a serious matter, it then becomes a sirius matter, in which case one can simply overlook it to save themselves time.

Sirius can be spelled as SIRUS as well.

Sirius may also be used as an adjective, such as a Sirius Shadow (to describe a person), where no one cares about what he says, or a Sirius Noob (to describe someone being overlooked for being bad).
by Glitechnia September 21, 2007
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