The most slangiest ever term for 'My Boy.'
Person 1. "Dere's ma boi over dere."
Person 2. "Do you mean your boy?"
Person 1. "Nope, not as posh as you fam."
by xMrginthehouse April 13, 2017
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Slang for "my buddy", usually the name of his/her best friend follows.
Guy1: Ma boi Rocco came and -
Guy2: Who's Rocco?
Guy1: You know Rocco, Rocco Ma boi, over in Dubai.
by xXxDefinitionBoixXx July 1, 2017
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I got u bro or I love u or someone did something for u
Friend: Bro did u hook up with that girl last night?
Me: Hoooo! Yups!!!!

Friend: Das Ma boi!!!!
by Shyla wong April 9, 2017
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dammn nigga ma boi b d & lambron
by lmfaoYourNigga August 4, 2022
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