when someone is crowding your space, physically and or mentally
i walk into a room, and the kid says where were you?

i was in the bathroom, get off me.

idk, it may be something useful to someone who always gets bombarded with questions that you dont feel like you should have to answer... "get off me!"
by that's the guy February 9, 2009
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an exclamation used when another person has challenged your stance on something and been proven wrong
"See, you're girlfriend is a slut. Get off me."
by Drew Damon November 9, 2003
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“Get off Me” is a phrase that originated from playing competitive sports video games. Whenever somebody makes a really impressive move on another player playing defense in the game, that person would yell “Get off Me”. It is a form of talking trash.
That was the second breakaway goal I scored on you in a row! Get off Me!
by Csal May 5, 2011
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when there's someone on your boat that there shouldn't be, the only logical course of action is to don an Irish accent and attempt to reason with them, asking them to get off your boat. If this fails you must get your Jamaican friend and force them off your boat.
Get off me boat. I said get off me boat. Right, I'll be getting my Jamaican friend now.

RASCLAT. why you on me boat mon?
by Swenson Bevel September 28, 2008
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- A popular sentence used by streamers who don’t like other players that are better than them

See also- your trash, fuck you kid etc
by Wheat master 64 October 9, 2019
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The act of telling someone(or ref) to get off your meat and mean it!!!!(founded my T) (laughed at by many)
Shaniquia was all up on me and her boyfriend came over and i was like "Get off me ref"
by jamarcus jamal April 23, 2008
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What you say to someone who is either-
1- Annoying
2- On your case
3- Actually on you

You say this in order to tell them to back off. It's just cooler saying it this way.
Bob- Hey man lets go watch iCarly!

You- Dude just get off of me.

Bob(to himself)- damn he is so cool
by californiaboss February 16, 2010
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