5 dollars is a bill that has a number 5 on it. 5 dollars is also the most iconic bill in the whole world cuz of how much stuff costs, and with 5 dollars you can buy nearly everything that is cheap. For instance, a bag of chips or a pizza
I was walking down the street and I saw 5 dollars on the floor. It was the luckiest day of my life, and I spent the 5 dollars on a cheeseburger
by Hitler the great July 15, 2020
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When a dude doesn't give you his five dollars that he owe you
Dude 1: hey uhh you kinda ow me 5 dollars

Dude2: uhh no I don't

Dude1: yes yo bitch ass do

Dude2: ima slap you so fucking hard that you'll fly to another planet
Dude1: ima whoop your ass like real talk rn, when I punch you you'll break the gravitational pull of earth ho
by Wtf is a pseudonym lmfao January 5, 2022
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A group of Burrell girls who suck dick for 5 dollars.
Last night i met up with one of the members of the 5 dollar club and man it sure was worth my 5 bucs.
by mbooboo April 2, 2009
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A female that has sex for $5. During the crack epidemic women addicts would sell sex for as little as $5, hence the name $5 dollar hoe(whore). Later the term was use for any female that has sex for little money or cheap gifts.
Keisha slept with Tyrone for a fake Gucci bag and Leon for a $60. Shes acting like a $5 dollar hoe.
by mrstevens70 March 22, 2014
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Used in reference to the milkshake in Pulp Fiction purchased by Mrs. Mia Wallace, for something that's more expensive than its worth; even if its pretty damn decent.
"I don't know if that shake's worth five dollars but it's pretty damn good." - Vincent Vega.

"Holy shit dude, eight bucks for ice cream? What a 5 Dollar Shake."
by Robert Akins June 19, 2004
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Often from ugly crackwhores trying to get their next fix of dat crack rock
Crackhead - 5 dollar blowjob baby?
Random guy - hell naw bitch
by whiteboy954 November 18, 2013
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