You can buy a bus ticket with it apparently, and chavs love it.
Devvo: Ya got lyk, 20p 4 a buz ticket?
by Flealan July 19, 2006
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To make an incorrect statement, and when another person corrects you, you can shout “chomp 20p”. The person then owes you a chomp chocolate bar which costs 20p.
Reece: “I cant believe england won the world cup

Robbie: “They only got to the semi-finals!”

Reece:”Chomp 20p!!!”
by Chomp20per July 18, 2018
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The fluctuating dilation of the anus after a traumatic event, that makes it reflect the differing sizes of the British 50 pence and 20 pence coins (both coins are hexagonal).
Phone conversation.

Friend: "What's up man?"

Sufferer: "Dude, I've eaten nothing but white bread for three days and I've just had my first shit."

Friend: "Woah, nightmare!"

Sufferer: "Tell me about it, I've been curled up on the couch for the past hour and a half sucking my thumb while my ass is all '50p 20p'."
by Rydo December 20, 2010
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A term used whilst drunk, to ask for a game of Blackjack.

Normally said:

"Get your 20ps oooouuutttttt"
Person one
"Get your 20ps out"

Person two
"I'll deal"
by Randi Walker July 30, 2009
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John: wow man, you fucked her?!
Me: yeah, I banged her in one of those pay toilets
John: oh, a 20p toilet?
by Mxxgaylad February 9, 2018
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