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Devvo, a.k.a. Darren Devonshire, is a fictional chav from the Doncaster/Hull area, made famous on

He is a modern day social commentary on the state of the British underclass in the North East.

He is a legend.



Devvo: "I stabbed 'im reet int fuckin' eye!"

Devvo: "Game ov coins maate?"

by Heeby1 November 04, 2005
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he is the funniest "chav" on the internet, and you can see what he gets upto daily on
i pushed her down stairs dint a, and she was like "oh, i think i've broke my fuckin spiney" or somethin, so i fuckin chucked a brick down.
by paul tippin January 30, 2005
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Devvo is a chav who lets this guy who owns film him. Each "episode" sees devvo abusing bystanders, getting wasted & begging for 20p. Basically, the films are an insight to everyday chav life.
"ye, fuckin bell end!"

by Kill chavs May 02, 2005
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Devvo is the Lej in my opinion. Hes so funny and chats aload of rubbish. The best Chav video's on the internet. Loves to say "Waaaaaah", "Dick'ed" and "Bell-end"
I need 20p so I can.............. because..............ive gota ring Japan cos..............ive got erm, me mates are in Japan and its always night time, So if you give me 20p I can ring em.
by <3-Devvo April 08, 2005
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AKA Darren

This is the chav who can be found on where you can follow his sad pathetic life which you can just laugh at and how much of a failure he is and will stay until he eventually dies
i was like sheer wasted to fuck like and i killed her
by CTK November 09, 2004
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The ultimate king of chavs who enjoys wearing burberry caps, tracksuits and bling. A big fan of 20p and marijuana.
Av you got 20p mate for sum fuckin... draw... and stuff?
by Lyndsey January 17, 2005
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David Firth, creator of and animator of salad fingers, decided to ply Darren Davenport a chav from Doncaster? with alcohol and money in order to document his "Propa Fucking space Head" life.

There are 2 scopes of thought on this:
1. Devvo is NOT real, he is simply a friend who is taking the piss out of chavs
- How come devoo never attempts to steal the camera?
-He kicks the ground and makes a fool of himself in "Devvo As Out"
-The way he says "Aite une wat une up tune?" in a comical fashion.
2. Devvo IS real
I mean come on i have seen thousands of devvos everywhere, this is possibly his normal behaviour.
- He does take drugs in the film, no actor would take it that far
- He says some incredible things that cannot be made up.
- He really does mug that guy..

"aite une, wat une up tune?"
"ya what Dicked"
"fucking GAYBUS, u gay"
"ya bellend"
"I got this car for my son, dont turn though"
"look at fucking space head over her, proper bolluxed"
by SabreNoose June 24, 2005
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