Yo, you wanna play some COD tonight?
Idk i'll lyk.
by mrstealyogirl1350 June 11, 2015
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"Like" gone retarded.
eYe ish lyk da b0m n sum! lolz kikikiki kawaii bulldo9z hamtaro le9 of lam!21111!
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 9, 2003
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A really stupid way of saying "like" used by teenage girls while Iming each other.
asianprincess101:omg! I totally lyk him!
chickychick423:biotch! i lyk him more than you!
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Means that the person using it has an IQ of half of what it was originally.
So if you thought it was 30, the theorhetical maximum is actually 15.
by troof November 19, 2004
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An altercation of the word like, used by individuals who feel that typing an extra letter is unecessary, and feel the cause of doing so is not worthy in the result of sounding half intelligent.
lyk i kant type the rite way lol.

you r lyk so gay.

Jimmy ate his keyboard so he lyk needs to lyk by a new one.
by bwn March 8, 2006
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Used by retards in place of 'like'
lYkE OnG LeTs SyBeR aNd MaKe E-BaBiEs!!!!!!111!!!!1111!!!
by Majind October 24, 2005
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