An expression used reffering to something or someone that is ugly.
She was fine last year, but this year she curled like a mug!!!
by Drew10000000 October 4, 2007
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When someone tries to tell you off and you come up with a good comeback. burned Told
Person A: You are sooo ugly
Person B: Well I'm not as ugly as your momma
Audience: Oooo Curled!
by Dorothy (Kanapaha) January 30, 2007
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when you’re drunk to the point of almost blacking out, most likely interacting with other substances (i.e. MDMA, cocaine, nicotine, marijuana)
Bro, I’m so ~curled~ !
by gwyneth&amelia August 17, 2019
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Curling is a sport involving ice, brooms, and originally a rock. It is chiefly played in Canada. Unlike hockey, it is not taken seriously in the United States. Many suspect that it is a byproduct of both the cold Northern climate and the Canadian propensity for beer.
That curling is an Olympic sport baffles Americans who don't consider it a sport at all.
by HunterX January 26, 2005
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Replacement of any any swear, peace, or anything.
Molly : "Let's curl out of here"
Blaine : "What the curl?"
by Blaine&Molly December 27, 2007
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The ancient Scottish sport of curling has been called a hybrid of bowling and chess set on ice, but perhaps the closest analogy is shuffleboard. Two four-member teams slide 42-pound granite stones (the best of which come from a single quarry in Scotland) on a sheet of ice toward a target area. Teammates sweep the ice in front of the stone to help maneuver it towards the center target.
Each player on the team throws two stones during an "end," which is sort of like an inning in baseball. The team with the most points after 8 or 10 ends wins the match. Did I mention that you can knock your opponents' stones out of contention?

The name "curling" comes from the Old English verb "to curr," or growl. There's a fair amount of shouting during the game, as team members urge each other on while sweeping the ice in front of the stone.

This year, the British women's team gave their country its first Winter Olympics gold medal since 1984, while the Norwegian men's team upset the Canadian favorites.
Curling looks like a lot of fun, I wonder where I could try it in my area?
by Mr. Johnny April 16, 2005
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