The year in which danisnotonfire and amazingphil will get married
Person A: I can't wait for 2022!
Person B: why?
Person A: because that's when phan will get married
by Formlessblob27 September 20, 2020
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Staring Robert Pattinson or as i call Rob Bat Bat’n Bat as Batman

This film is directed by Matt reeves Famous for directing the planet of the ape movies. this new take on Batman is Young and unexperienced, Bruce Wayne in this movie isn’t the playboy we all’ve gotten to know, this version of bruce is isolated, cut off from the world and doesn't yet use his fortune for good beyond the cowl. His allies James Gordon Jeffrey Wright, Selina Kyle Zoë Kravitz, Alfred Pennyworth Andy Serkis All Contribute unforgettable roles in this Film, although fans are divided on SPOILER the Jokers Barry Keoghan appearance in the end of the movie. Long story short The Batman 2022 Is An Amazing Peice Of Media that everyone should see, some say it might even rival The Dark Knight 2008
THE BATMAN 2022 Makes you feel like Spiderman. 101/10 -IGN
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The year’s urban Dictionary has existed the most greatest times of the year well except 2020 2021 and 2019 December but still :)
by Α January 14, 2022
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This class was born in late 2003-2004. They absolutely hate the class of 23’ and will not hesitate to beat the shit out of them.

Class of 22’ consists of different genres of people. Some are stereotypical and others are super weird

The boys either
A. They play sports and football is life. Also they smoke. They play girls and all they care about is getting laid
B. The e-boy they like dark things, and listen to rock music. They don’t do sports and keep to themselves

The girls range from
A. Thots. Booty shorts, tube tops, push up bras
B. Baddies that will kick your ass
C. The TikTokers.

Basically this class is a bunch of crackheads and are idiots. I am one of them
Senior: what class are you?
Sophomore: I’m class of 2022
Senior: oh that makes a lot of sense
by Fidgetspinnnnss July 30, 2019
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This class was born in 2003-2004, and started highschool in 2018. Finally becoming seniors in fall 2021, and now having the ability todo whatever the fuck they want.

Also with the effects of Covid19 forcing students to leave school midway sophomore year, most seniors are mentally still underclassmen, and haven't stepped foot in their highschool in a year and a half.
Freshman: Hey where's room 304
Senior:Shit man i ain't got a clue

Senior: I can't wait to be a upperclassmen
Junior: You're in Class of 2022, You're a senior dumbass
by The Real G; September 7, 2021
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by :|:|:|:|:|:||:|: April 9, 2022
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A free game by Konami (surprise) and the newest game in the PES series. The reason it's not called PES 2022 is that Konami is thinking long-term and releasing a new title called eFootball – this will be a free-to-play game that is updated for years to come, removing the need for a traditional annual release.
Even though the game was free, it received many negative reviews. It was the worst rated game on Steam within 12 hours of its release. The reason is the graphics are terrible, players breaking bones and running Naruto-style on the pitch... Even though Konami has said that it'll improve the game soon, people are still hating it.
A: Hey man, eFootball 2022 is out and it's free! Wanna play it with me?
B: Nah, I'd rather play FIFA. It will cost $59.99, but at least the graphics aren't as bad as eFootball.
by DGKTree October 27, 2021
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