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Expression of a wish for the continued welfare of a fellow human being, which sounds incredibly beta and cheesy when used inappropriately. Often used ironically by alpha males.
On facebook:
Girl: "Anybody hearing about the shooting on the 91 freeway? Yeah I'm stuck in that mess an supposedly won't be going anywhere for another 4 hours… FML!!!!"
Guy: "Between Main and 15, you can use the 6th…but it is crowded. The Santa Ana is also another alternate, according to KNX 1070."
Guy: "Basically, there is a police investigation going on. I really feel sorry for you. I will be praying for your safety:)"
Girl: "Yeah, we are completely stopped, no chance of moving anywhere"
Guy: "I hope you are alright. Are you ok?"
Guy: "Please…stay safe."
Girl: "I got the whole story on the radio but thanks for your help"
Guy: "Anytime, Amy. Please hang in there, ok? I will be praying for you:)."
Guy: "I bet this will be quite a story once you finally escape. Please try to think happy thoughts, if you can. Bye for now."
Girl: "I'm outta there!!! We all literally did a 180 on the highway and went out through the on-ramp"
Guy: "You are soooooooo lucky, Amy. Congratulations. I bet you will sleep a lot better tonight. Thanks for keeping us updated, good night."
by hzrxt July 12, 2012
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