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When a boy tells a girl he is going to see her but that boy does not show up. This is kinda like in the song The Moment I Knew by Taylor Swift, where Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't show up to Taylor's birthday party. This can also be called pulling a Jake Gyllenhaal.
Sarah: I swear that Giovanni was going to show up! He didn't though.
Jennifer: He probably pulled a Mauricio.
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A great couple. They both love to play BitLife and their dog and cat spinoffs. They are known to be the best couple ever.
Kelley: I heard that Andrew and Rachel got engaged!
Alissa: I saw that Mauricio proposed to Serenity on an Instagram live video! Serenity accepted it! I am so proud of both couples!
Kelley: Me too!!!
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A beautiful singer who is one of the best singers ever. Her fans are called Swifties. Usually girls love Taylor Swift. She started out as a country singer and then became a pop singer. She also released two alternative folk albums. She re-recorded her second album, fearless, in 2021. In November of 2021, she will be releasing her re-recorded version of the album Red. This is why every girl is a swifty!
Hannah: I'm going to a concert this weekend!
Jenna: Whose concert are you going to?
Hannah: Taylor Swift!
Jenna: That's awesome! Send me some pics.
by iloveurbandictionary😊😍😃 September 25, 2021
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A cute couple. Gabby really adores Teddy, who adores Gabby back. They belong together. Teddy is short for Theodore while Gabby is short for Gabrielle. Teddy relates the most to Zac Efron, because he portrayed two characters named Ted. Gabby, on the other hand, loves Selena Gomez, because she thinks Selena is one of the most beautiful women ever.
Emma: Hey Teddy and Gabby! You guys are a great couple!
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When somebody sneezes so much they carry a tissue box with them everywhere they go. If you are near a person with the sneezles, get some hand sanitizer, wear your mask, and run away.
Ross had the sneezles, so he carried a tissue box around with him everywhere he went.
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A beautiful girl. She has a lot of friends. Fashion is her passion. Her friends are always by her side. She has beautiful hair, mainly a half updo. She is attracted to boys named Daniel, Isaac, Mauricio, Connor, David, Andrew, Samuel, Jason, Patrick, Charles, and Matthew.
Tori: My boyfriend Matthew just got me a pair of knee-high socks.
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A teenage girl from the Nickelodeon show Victorious who attends Hollywood Arts High School. The reason why she attended that school is because she filled in for her sister, Trina, after Trina suffered from a swollen tongue. She met André Harris, Cat Valentine, Jade West, Beck Oliver, Robbie Shapiro, and Robbie's puppet, Rex. Her acting teacher is Mr. Erwin Sikowitz. Tori is played by Victoria Justice, a beautiful 28 year old actress.
Jade: in a Judy Garland voice: Why hello everyone! My name is Tori Vega!
Tori: I don't talk like that!
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