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A girl who gets extremely pissed off if anyone pronounces her name wrong. She might get called Kayla, Kyla, Kelli, Kelly, Kelley, Kaila, Khayla, Khyla, and Killa.
Person: Hey Kyla!
Kira: IT'S KIRA!
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Short for Charles. He is an amazing guy. He is very kind, caring, funny, and awesome. He is also very loyal and never cheats on anybody. He is also a tough guy, and a true fighter. This is why everybody loves Charlie!
Charlie is an amazing guy and I am so lucky to have him as a boyfriend!
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Before people know it, Gabby will be the most popular name in the world! It is very popular in a Queens-based high school as of right now, and maybe everybody will be named Gabby (or Gaby)! Other than that, Gabby is a cool name for teenage girls. They are smart, cute, beautiful, and kind. Most boys definitely want a Gabby in their life, and hopefully they will get one!
Kira: What do you think is the most popular name in our school?
Gabby: Probably my name, there are so many Gabby's.
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An inaccurate website that I look at a lot. For example, it is kinda mean when it says "one celebrity is more popular than another" and when a person's last name is before a first name, it says that the last name is the first name. Therefore, Famous Birthdays is inaccurate.
On Famous Birthdays, I freak out when my favorite celebrities "lose" popularity because they are actually popular in real life.
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Also known as Gabe. An almighty legend who loves video games like GTA, Rainbow Six, and Apex Legends. He is also attracted to girls with these names:

Girl #1: Isn't Gabriel so hot?
Girl #2: Don't you mean Gabe?
Girl #1: Yes.
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The "answer" to 2+2, invented by Jeffy from SML. Jeffy claimed that he pulled the 74 out of his ass. His mother, Rose (Rosalina), was upset when he said that.
Marvin: What is 2+2?
Jeffy: 74.
Marvin: 74? Where did you get that?
Jeffy: I pulled it out of my ass!
Rose: Jeffy, where did you hear such language?
Jeffy: I got it from him!
Rose: Marvin!
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A wonderful girl! She is a true beauty. Don't mistake her for the entitled white women who try to get everything they want. She has beautiful long brown hair with light brown highlights. She has a beautiful body and a great sense of fashion. She doesn't curse much, but she occasionally does. Her best friends are named Mia and Tatiana. Her average age range is from 14-28. She wears Forever 21 and Hollister, and her shoe types are converse and vans.
Normal Karen: Acts like a normal human being and is very sweet, kind, beautiful, and cute :)

Social media Karen: Entitled, bossy, rude, bratty, threatening, insulting, and psychopathic
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