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The month that makes seniors want to forget the previous September.
"Math and chemistry is way too hard, thank goodness it's June!"
by LikeXD31 June 25, 2022
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The best day ever for someone who made a 26 day countdown using A-Z in 2020. Also, the best day to get rid of a trash academic year.
by LikeXD31 March 14, 2020
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The time of your life you will miss on 20th birthday and when your 21st birthday feels like 5 years away.
“Man, I’m so much used to saying teen when someone asked me about my age! Now I’m 20 and still feel like a teenager!”
by LikeXD31 September 15, 2021
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When a street cat pisses you off, you get a feeling like you're about to wrestle with that big old cat! Whenever you meet a tiny dog that is not yours, you just give him a pitbull style bite! Similar when butchering either a cow or a pig at the slaughterhouse.
"Dude, one time I bit a pitbull in the ear after he tried to bite me! Animal cruelty always gives good results of being a professional boxer or a MMA fighter!"
by LikeXD31 September 8, 2021
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The type of food you’d rather eat than a carrot cake after smashing your opponent in boxing.
“That guy made me hungry for apple pie after that nightmare of a boxing night!”
by LikeXD31 September 21, 2021
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A different way than calling Donnerstag Thursday. It’s the Donnerstag when there’s a thunderstorm with heavy rain. In a German lesson you read the date saying Donnerstag 31. März 2022 and ask your teacher if it will thunder today when the writing meant Thursday, March 31st, 2022 which turns into Thunderday according to the weather forecast.
“Hey Mr. Zürcher, is it going to rain with thunder today? It’s Thunderday, March 31st, 2022!”
by LikeXD31 March 22, 2019
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The event you hear drum rolling before they announce the winner of a major television contest.
And the winner is... Thunderstorm!!!!”
by LikeXD31 March 11, 2019
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