Ciara’s are kind people with a heart of gold. They don’t trust many people easily but once they do they open up their softer side. They’re always there for the people that are close to them. They forgive almost every time because they see the best in the people they love. Ciara’s are usually looked open as stuck up but that’s far from the truth their confident in who they are without following the crowd. Ciara’s stand firm in what they believe. They can be stubborn but beyond all their walls their nothing more but full of love. Ciara’s are tough but take things to heart. Ciara’s are very upfront about who and what they stand for. Ciara’s will give you the shirt off their backs to make sure the ones they love are taken care of. If you have a Ciara in your life you are truly blessed it’s not common to find a friend like her she will always be there to make you smile, laugh or just to talk with nothing asked in return. She is so very special to everyone she comes in contact with. Thank you Ciara for being you and never changing because your are the light in our lives.
Who is that girl with the biggest smile and goofiest laugh?

That’s Ciara!
by Ohhiya March 7, 2021
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Ciaras are the girls that get everyones heart pumping, girls and boys alike, if you know a Ciara you’re a very lucky person and if you’re dating one then you might as well have one the lottery, Ciaras are very beautiful people who usually don’t know how perfect they are and they usually have a brilliant personality where they can talk about something for hours and you’ll still find it interesting. Ciaras usually are very kind and are usually quiet but loves musicals, if you find a way to become a Ciaras friend then you’re one lucky person. Ciaras are also really good at art and are really talented in almost everything, they literally deserve the world.
Person 1: I’ve met this girl named Ciara today

Person2: You’re so lucky
by Janedoe122 February 12, 2019
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A Ciara is a very gorgeous and intelligent girl she doesn't take crap from anyone has big goals in life and has her life in order
I'm glad to be frens with a Ciara.
by Kingidc January 20, 2019
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A beautiful girl with precious eyes that I’ll lose myself in, the is awesome in every way you could think of and is a very passionate inside.
Ciara is the one
by Official.Fred February 9, 2019
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Ciaras are very amazing people, they deserve to be treated right. They care for you when you’re down and lift you up higher than they are. They are compassionate and loving and an awesome friend. They will stand with you no matter what. Don’t lose the trust of a Ciara, you’ll regret losing an amazing friend.

If you’re reading this Ciara, I love you and even if I don’t express it, thank you for staying with me all these years.
I’m surprised her name isn’t Ciara, she’s so amazing!
by Littlepansexual January 15, 2018
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A girl that is very beautiful and loving and she is awesome in every single way and an amazing friend her friendship is overpowered and cannot be broken and will be loved life to death.
by Official.Fred February 9, 2019
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A Ciara is the most beautiful person! She is kind, athletic and often have dark brown hair. Some of the most caring people on earth are Ciara’s, they are very intelligent and wise! There eyes are the most enchanting this you will ever see, you could get lost in them. Ciara’s are sporty, strong. They are faced with lots of challenges but push through them! Often people are jealous of Ciara’s natural beauty! As they say they always want to get the top dog. Anybody would be lucky to have a Ciara in there live, they are stunning, sporty, intelligent, interesting, kind and caring what more would you want!
Wow is that a goddess
No that’s a Ciara”
by Davejacksimonkiddywhatta June 26, 2019
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