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Ciaras are very amazing people, they deserve to be treated right. They care for you when you’re down and lift you up higher than they are. They are compassionate and loving and an awesome friend. They will stand with you no matter what. Don’t lose the trust of a Ciara, you’ll regret losing an amazing friend.

If you’re reading this Ciara, I love you and even if I don’t express it, thank you for staying with me all these years.
I’m surprised her name isn’t Ciara, she’s so amazing!
by Littlepansexual January 15, 2018
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Ciara: A one of a kind type of girl. Ciara's are very attractive, intelligent, and have a good heart. Everyone wishes they could be a Ciara and are jealous when they can't compare. Ciara are smart and guys find themselves captivated when talking to a Ciara. Ciara’s often don’t realize how perfect they are, and how every guy out there is looking for a Ciara. Guys are intimidated to ask out a Ciara just because Ciara’s are a perfect ten. A Ciara will know how to make you happy even when you are down. A Ciara raises the bar for a perfect girlfriend and if anyone where to find a Ciara they would realize how truly luck they are. A Ciara is perfect for a Joshua (I love you Ciara with all my heart and you will be my motivation while deployed to Afghanistan, I am truly a lucky and blessed man to have found a Ciara and am proud to call you my girlfriend.)
by PURE_BUDDHA February 21, 2012
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A ciara is the kindof girl that girls want to be and guys want to be with. She is unaware of her natural beauty and being around her makes the world seem like a better place.
No other girl could combine such beauty, cuteness and overall hotness. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is always there for people she loves. Ciaras make the most of life and dont fill it with stress or anger instead laughter and love. If youre lucky enough to have a ciara in your life then make the most of her, appreciate her and tell her how much you love her because if you one day end up without her youll realise the sunshine and happiness she brought into your life
A:Wow that girl is stunning!!
A:who is she?
B:I think her name is Ciara
A:AHH! Yes she's got to be a Ciara
by JackGI May 27, 2012
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Ciara is a girl who makes anyone she's with laugh easily. She's got a smile that could melt any heart, and a twinkle in her eyes that can't be beat. When Ciara is around, nothing else matters. She's silly but you can't help but notice how serious her beautiful qualities are. Perfection would be envious of Ciara.
Ciara's beauty rivals that of the gleaming moonlight.
by HerPrinceCharming May 20, 2014
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Ciara is a beautiful old irish name particularly common in the west of ireland. The name is derived from the irish word“ciar” meaning dark. The name itself means dark haired beauty. Ciara's are beautiful,petite nymph like creatures that everyone secretly wishes they could be like. Ciaras are outgoing and always up for a laugh. They're unaware of they're stunning beauty which makes them all the more attractive. Every guy wishes they had a ciara and every girl wishes they had her as a friend. She's beautiful, loveable, funny and adorable. The kind of person you are lucky to have in your life. If you are lucky enough to have such a beautiful person as a ciara in your life never let her go she will bring unknown happiness to your life and make it a brighter place. Make the most of these gorgues irish girliess.
Who's that?
Oh that's Ciara!
Need I say more most beautiful girl you'll ever see inside and out just passed you
by sean phat November 13, 2012
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Has amazing fashion sense. Her make up looks amazing. She looks amazing. She's beautiful. She's rather clumsy. She's someone that you'll find tripping up the stairs instead of down them. Her friends bring a lot of drama into her life, but she doesn't complain... much. She has the most amazing personality. She's very ticklish. She's adorable. She's ciara.
She's such a ciara.
by AllyCat56 May 30, 2011
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