A Very bad year to sum it up.
- it's 2022 which already bad enough
- Robb Elementary Shooting
- Russia/Ukraine war
- Death of Mahsa Amini
- Queen Elizabeth's death
- Sri Lankan protests
- Mikhail Gorbachev's death
- Afghanistan earthquake
- Monkeypox Outbreak
- Only in Ohio
- Assassination of Shinzo Abe
- Andrew Tate
- Inflation Surge
- 2022 Winter Olympics
and yeah that's it hope 2023 will be good like 2021
Person 1: "Wow! 2022 was a great year"
Person 2: "No it wasn't. but wasn't AS bad as 2012."
by Boovian November 11, 2022
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I still think its 2019....
Its 2022? FUCK
by Ya_Boy_JD September 7, 2021
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A year in which crises have worsened, for the most part. The COVID-19 pandemic has alleviated with most of the restrictions finally going away, and some sense of pre-2020 "normalcy" has returned. However, other factors make it feel like we continue to drag ourselves through a perpetual state of crisis after crisis, and this feeling has not alleviated much since March 2020.

Inflation has upended our lives more than ever, and gas prices were insane especially around June. More and more people struggled to afford basic needs. Political tensions in the U.S. continued to simmer and it felt like we are sleepwalking towards a civil war. R.I.P. to Roe v. Wade, this year access to abortion has ended in many states. Many in Gen Z (my generation) felt it was more important to vote than ever this year due to all the crises, and most voted blue.

Russia invaded Ukraine and we were scared that it would evolve into WW3 due to Putin's nuclear threats. Ukraine has been devastated but at least it didn't evolve much beyond the two countries, even if others like the U.S. have taken sides without direct military involvement. It was also a year in which loads of famous deaths occurred, ranging from Queen Elizabeth II to Coolio, Olivia Newton-John, etc. Elizabeth II was a huge one as she was the only UK monarch most of us have ever known due to her insanely long reign, and now we have King Charles III to replace her. Lastly, this year we have reached 8 billion of us, as overpopulation fears grow.
A history class in a future better time (if there would even be better times):
- Teacher: Ok class, let's turn to the early 2020's in the history book. 2020 will give you PTSD so I'll just skip it. 2021 and 2022 were not much better, but I'll go over them anyway just to show all the crises everybody had to suffer though, many as a direct consequence of the year 2020.
- Students, by the end of class: Oh my god I wouldn't want to live through this. Those historical events sound... BAD. (students view the early 2020's then as we view the 1930's/40's depression/WWII era today)
by Steve820 December 23, 2022
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Protests against COVID 19 mandates are happening in Ottawa

And Russia is invading Ukraine
How lovely
2022’s been a chaotic so far, let’s hope it calms down
by hamburger2020 February 24, 2022
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2020 was shit, and 2021 isn't looking better. Let's just hope 2022 doesn't turn out shit.
i really wanna escape 2021 and go to the next year which is, 2022 and hope it doesn't suck ass
by bIanked March 25, 2021
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The year that you all thought would be better but got worse. There was a war outbreak between russia and ukraine, but russia might win because of it's large military and big landmass.

So is war a better thing than covid, no... War is racism and extinction combined, basically. Talking about covid now. Covid is still around, even as it's devolved it's severity it's still terrible to have the virus.
Kid: 2022 is awesome!
Depressed teen: No.
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"It can't possibly get any worse, 2020 and 2021 is already a pain! I hope 2022 is better..."
by notarealperson111 February 21, 2021
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