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Staring Robert Pattinson or as i call Rob Bat Bat’n Bat as Batman

This film is directed by Matt reeves Famous for directing the planet of the ape movies. this new take on Batman is Young and unexperienced, Bruce Wayne in this movie isn’t the playboy we all’ve gotten to know, this version of bruce is isolated, cut off from the world and doesn't yet use his fortune for good beyond the cowl. His allies James Gordon Jeffrey Wright, Selina Kyle Zoë Kravitz, Alfred Pennyworth Andy Serkis All Contribute unforgettable roles in this Film, although fans are divided on SPOILER the Jokers Barry Keoghan appearance in the end of the movie. Long story short The Batman 2022 Is An Amazing Peice Of Media that everyone should see, some say it might even rival The Dark Knight 2008
THE BATMAN 2022 Makes you feel like Spiderman. 101/10 -IGN
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The film is notable for being the first filmed appearance of Batman. Also, the film introduced "The Bat's Cave". The name was altered to the Batcave for use in the comic books as well as the Grandfather's clock entrance. Also, the comic Alfred was overweight and clean-shaven prior to the serial's release. Austin was trim and sported a thin mustache. The comic Alfred's appearance was altered to match that of Austin's, and remains the same to this day.
Batman (1943) also has a short story comic based off it continuing the story right after it left off
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Freeflow Combat is the smooth and adaptive structure of fighting in the Batman Arkham Game Series.
Fun Fact: Batman: Arkham Asylum's Combat Was Originally Rythem Based Like Guitar Hero , But Instead It Got Traded Out For Our Beloved Freeflow Combat
by Number 1 Arkham Origins Fan April 27, 2022
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Kevin Conroy Was an American actor. He was best known as the voice behind the DC Comics superhero Batman in various media, beginning with the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series and its subsequent spin-off TV series and feature films in the DC Animated Universe. Due to the popularity of his performance as Batman, Conroy went on to voice the character for multiple films under the DC Universe Animated Original Movies banner and the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham and Injustice video games.
Kevin Conroy Died at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City from intestinal cancer on November 10, 2022, at the age of 66.
by Number 1 Arkham Origins Fan November 13, 2022
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A talented actress staring The Batman 2022, High Fidelity, Divergent, and Kimi
As of right now Zoë Kravitz is 33 and married but her career is sure to take off soon.
Bro1: Dude The Batman was AWESOME
Bro2: yeah man, one question tho… who played the cat girl?
Bro1: Zoë Kravitz?
Bro2: really? I couldn’t tell under all the makeup

Bro1: On God.
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A parody on the words “Something In The Way” used in The song made by Nirvana, it popped around on TikTok for a short while After The Batman 2022 Released.
Certainly Gen-Z Humor
(Guy wrapped in duct tape with tin foil bat ears walks into frame) “SOMETHING IN MY ASS, MMM MMMM MM HMMM”
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Walmart Is Hell, And The Employees Are The Sinners Who Are Receiving Their Punishment
In All Seriousness Those Walmart Employees have Probably Been Working Their Since 500 BC
Fun Fact: A Walmart Employee Is Payed 16% Lower Than The Average USA Yearly Income
by Number 1 Arkham Origins Fan October 11, 2022
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