1) An old derogatory word for native people who lived near the northern arctic regions. It literally means "Raw meat eater" and is the northern equivalent of 'nigger'.
*The correct term is Inuit.

2) It refers to Inuit who are addicted to sniffing solvents, drinking too hard and generally f'n up in life.

That ain't no Inuit...he's just a f'n eskimo
by MrBishop April 2, 2008
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People chosen by the sky to keep the earth awake when the sun is busy under the ocean.
Like Me!! An Inuit in NY selling darkness to blind Gypsy's.
by J D B June 2, 2005
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half asian people who live in a very cold area of the world.
yo, i saw an eskimo yesterday. he was so chill.
by Pothead. December 17, 2008
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To rub noses with someone. Used as a display of affection most of the time.
John gave Mary an eskimo in an attempt to look like a sweetiepie even though he's just a big fat pervert.
by Riritsuku July 17, 2010
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