5 definitions by 81halohunter

the act of confessing that one is emo
1: dude, john was cutting out of the closet to me in class

2: so, he's emo, then!
by 81halohunter January 30, 2011
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when you are in a public restroom, and the person next to you makes a lot of noise e.g. farting, grunting etc.
person a: uggggg poot

person b: ooh, dinner and a show
by 81halohunter September 28, 2010
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the really long piss you take after a movie due to drinking too much soda, as opposed to an M. Night Shamalan twist
ooohh, too much coke zero, gotta take an M. Night Shamalan piss!
by 81halohunter December 2, 2010
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An extremely bad driver,or a retard of the road. Can be a steriotype, such as an old person, but not always.
Man , that streetard cut me off back there.
by 81halohunter September 9, 2010
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When you haven't had a five hour energy, and you find it hard to stay awake.
Alternatively: an excuse in a boring situation, when you just don't want to be there.
Boss: Johnson, wake up!

Johnson: So sorry, I got that 2:30 feeling
by 81halohunter October 10, 2010
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