82 definitions by troubledemon

A very thin woman
Man 1-Wow look at her man is she A Skinny person or what?

Man2-Dude she is so skinny she could walk thru a harp!
by troubledemon March 27, 2010
This is what you call a woman with one leg shorter than the other.
Man1-Hey i bet you I know that womens name over there.Its Ilean

Man2-How do you know that?

Man1-Because she has one leg shorter than the other,lol
by troubledemon February 24, 2010
When a person fucks something up and you want to have fun on their behalf.
Tommy-Hey I tried really hard to get the pipe to stop leaking but it wont stop.

jim-Proud Of Ya where is the fucking leak numbnutts?
by troubledemon April 1, 2009
When a person is scared so bad that they shit themself .
jim-Hey lol did you see steve last night?

tom-Yeah at the pary.

jim-We had this big dude tell him he was going to whoop his ass and he was scared shity!

tom-Oh well thats why he was running out of the house lol
by troubledemon November 24, 2009
This is not a rare acurance it happens to most of us ,when a persons underwar ride up in between tha ass cheeks and that said person has to wiggle and or squirm or outright pick the fabric out of their ass .usualy happens in pulic so as to embarass the person!

aka - wedgey
boy-ha look at that lady mommy she has a letter in the mail box like you had yesterday.
by troubledemon March 27, 2009
When a man and a women have a all night fuckfest after drinking and or partying ,they will wake up in the morning and have a glazed doughnut look on their faces .
Woman -Wake up someones at the door !!

Man- Well answer the damn thing!

Woman-I have to freshin up first!

Man- Why?

Woman-Because we both look like a couple glazed doughnuts!
by troubledemon May 27, 2010