A 12-pack . A box of 12 beer cans/bottles you can buy at any store that sells alcohol.
Jim: I just wanna watch the game
Bob: Hold on, lemme go to the store real quick, Ill get us a 12-Pack
by TheFrogDogOutlaw January 30, 2017
A name for a girl who purchases only a 12-pack of beer when in reality a quantity far larger than that will be necessary for the number of people who will be drinking.
Oh great, 12-Pack is coming over tonight. We better buy more beer so we can actually get drunk.
by N Squizzles November 8, 2006
The belly one gets from drinking a 12 pack of beer every day where the abs are covered by a thick layer of fat.
Look at the 12 pack abs on that guy, he must drink a lot of beer.
by Takes balls to go by "Dick" February 18, 2011
A 12 Piece Bucket of KFC Chicken And A 12 Case of Beer, Preferably American.
Friend: ey man wtf u wanna do today?
You: Fuck it i got sum cash. lets get the double 12 pack.
Friend; ite 4sho then.
by sublime42069 December 29, 2010
A 6 pack of 18oz beers (typically Busch). Popular in poor rural areas due to their convenient size and low price. So named for their origin and popularity in Hawk Point, MO.
"Hey man, you wanna grab a Hawk Point 12-pack and come over for some hillbilly shit?" or
"I'm 'bout to grab a pack of smokes and a Hawk Point 12 pack before I have to pick up my kids."
by Hogbilly January 10, 2017
it basically means same thing, or same difference. 2 6 packs are basically a 12 pack
Hey dude did you get a whopper or a quarter pounder?

Oh you know. 2 6 packs =a 12 pack.
by cole dykes September 19, 2007
A turtle that is always trying to knock you out with a person with a buzz cut whose head is always cold
person1 Dude i got hit by a turtle with a 12 pack today it sucked
person2 that sucks
by Oassis__ May 9, 2019