-slang for alright
-affirmative response to a question
Person 1 - "Where are we going tonight?"
Person 2 - "Monday's."
Person 1 - "Ite."
by Cromwell Jorguenson April 12, 2005
ite is another word that people use for alright
by JessieHam March 19, 2015
same as aight, okay, that's cool, etc.
That's ite, I'll catch ya later.
by re July 2, 2003
Ite is the correct and COOL way of saying the word “alright”.

Even though “aight” is fine, the alpha manner is ite. BE careful of people that write ayt, those people only bring danger and chaos into your life.
Me: Hey bro, how you doing?
Bro: I’m ite bro thanks for asking for real been going through some rough shit...
Bro: no one likes YOU
by Elmigas January 4, 2020
"in the end"

it is an acronym that can be used in place of finally, ultimately, or bte (by the end)

It is also often used as a misspelling of "aite" an abbreviation of "alright" used as a greeting. However, the usage "ite" as "alright" has largely been displaced by "aite" and "ait", or sometimes "ayt".
*ite, i had enough, and munched on her lunch
*everyone knows that ite, God will come and stab you if youre not an x-ian
*ite-age is the sex
*ite me up baybyy!
by FornicatingFiona April 6, 2008
triple word score with this one

1. the person being discussed in current convo without directly referencing back to them or their gender (he/she).

2. anyone without referencing gender (usually because it's unknown and/or questionable)

3. to have no gender

- You see Lisa last night?

- yeah that ite was braining everybody in the spot.

- oh ite a ho.

- yeah kid.


- see that ite over there?

- yeah can't parallel park that benz for shit.


- you see the brains on that girl? must of went to college

- yo son, ionno that looks like a dick in them jeans

- ite?

- ite.


- son son you hear about this ite shit?

- ite? the fuck you talking about?

- Grab a paper kid fucking Norrie May-Welby. Don't be ignant' ya whole fucking life.
by the muscle (for sir freshness) January 11, 2011
alright just shorter; I'll do it
Dude D: Don't take such big hits - Dude L: Ite, nigga!
by Greythorn01 April 6, 2013